Nyko's PS3 Charger Looks Badass, But Pointless?

Kotaku writes: "Nyko's wireless nunchuk? Clever, but pointless. Which leads us poignantly to this, Nyko's Charge Base 2 for the PS3. Which looks great, but is also pointless".

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season0074738d ago

i've plug my pda phone in the USB to charge it and it shows charging when the PS3 is off...

tplarkin74738d ago

I have used the USB wire for my 360 and the downside is that you lose the "wireless" experience. When your mom wants you to put the PS3 or 360 away, she doesn't want to see controllers hooked up to it.

This charger is nice since it allows you to store the controllers away from the PS3.

Stoned Alone4738d ago

i have the 4 controller nyko jobba; it charges fast, seems to last longer, and it could kill a man

deeznuts4738d ago

Who said this thing looks nice? It is freaking ugly. And if you don't click the link you won't know that you have to use an adapter to fit the controller on the Charger. Go get the Pelican charger instead, looks much nicer.

This thing looks ugly now, and even uglier after the holiday season with those Xmas lights.

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