Jack Thompson Hit In The Face With A Shovel

This is a parody. This is a funny article from Sarcastic Gamer about a fake story involving every gamer's friend, Jack Thompson.

From the parody: "According to another witness, the suspect proceeded to scream at Thompson's limp body,"Do you know how f***ing boring it is living in Idaho? Games give me something to do besides growing, picking, and eating potatoes you son of a bitch!"

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GlossGreen4737d ago

Too bad it'll never happen in real life.

Highwayman4737d ago

Too bad indeed, it would provide all of us with a great laugh, though he would become more vigilant. And he would have this stupid smirk on his face, though everytime he made it, he would cringe in pain. HAHA.

Dashmoney1014737d ago

even though its fake , still pretty funny