Wii Overtakes GameCube in Japan

Kotaku - Luke Plunkett, Thu Dec 13 2007:

Who wants numbers? NeoGAF poster JoshuaJSlone has done us all a favour and jumped headfirst into the Wii's lifetime Japanese sales data, coming up with all kinds of neat figures, charts and comparisons.

Neatest: the Wii has already overtaken the Gamecube's lifetime sales. Poor Gamecube.

Slightly less neat: he's charted the Wii's sales against the other major consoles, showing that only the GBA and DS, with its mysterious money-printing ways, can hope to stand against the might of affordability, waggle and Wii Sports.

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wiizy4741d ago

the wii will overtake everything...

Killjoy30004741d ago

omfg i cant believe this system is actually selling.

ItsDubC4741d ago

Plz don't slit your wrists over it.

bootsielon4741d ago

Gamecube. A little redundant, don't you think? It should read: "Gamecube duplicates its install base in one year, an amazing feat from Nintendo to salvage already dying last-gen console". Then again, that's too long.

bootsielon4741d ago

To add the little extra ram and power that the Wii has the way they did with the N64. And of course, the Wiimote. They should find a way to make the Gamecube entirely compatible with the Wii, or exchange Gamecube's for Wiis for a discount; I'm sure they could do something with Gamecube's guts in order to make Wii's faster and cheaper, sort of like "refurbished" units. That way they would duplicate the Wii's install base instantly. I mean why not? Microsoft was able to pull a massive Xbox 1 recall to replace a defective power cord, I'm sure Nintendo could pull something like that.

desolationstorm4740d ago

A massive xbox 1 recall? I was part of that they sent me a new power cord. Which didnt work so I opened up the xbox solderd the part and never had a problem. Wiis componets are also smaller, not to mention you cant put standerd size dvds in the gc.

Anyway your just a fanboy so its not like it matters.