Xbox 360 sells 300,000 consoles in Australia and New Zealand

PALGN - 13 Dec, 2007:

Microsoft has sent out one final update for 2007, announcing that the Xbox 360 has sold 300,000 consoles in Australia and New Zealand.

According to the company, the Xbox 360 in Australia alone has sold an average of 6.6 games per console, which Microsoft says is a record for a console at this stage of its lifecycle.

Microsoft has also confirmed that 500,000 Xbox 360 accessories have been sold in Australia and New Zealand.

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Zhuk4737d ago

This is great news for the Xbox 360, which has outsold the PS3 this year and outsold the Wii in the last few months in Australia and New Zealand.

Only Xbox 360 provides Australian gamers, such as myself, with the highest quality AAA titles and true next generation graphics, gameplay and online thanks to the award winning Xbox Live service.

To my fellow Australians, it is time to Jump In, where the greatest lineup in history is.

Genuine4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Microsoft has been really good to you aussies. Australia holds The Largest Water Balloon Fight in history, in the Guiness Book of World Records thanks to the 360. It looked like alot of fun.

Panthers4737d ago

lol you sound like a sales man paid by M$.

but yea good for the 360.

socomnick4737d ago

lol that looks like fun.

caffman4737d ago

oh thats right, it shows the 360 in a good light.

Honeal2g4737d ago

its inevitable that they do so.... just watch then they say there not fanboys but yet they are commenting negatively about this article... thats for all of u who have yet to comment ... peace

Primetimebt4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

2 year and all these "good" games and all they can sell is 300K.. Let's throw a party for it, all of us will bring our party hats and the XBOT are buying.

Rikitatsu4737d ago

The PS3 sold more than that In Australia and new zealand , this is bad news for 360

Snukadaman4737d ago

but you knew that allready...your just being ridiculous...

tom15954737d ago

last gen nobody really had an xbox in new zealand. they were kinda ugly and lame. but this generation, a lot of people have dropped their playstation 2's and picked up a 360. such as myself. i still want a ps3 though. maybe next gen i'll ONLY want the xbox???? who knows

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The story is too old to be commented.