Anonymous: #OpGlobalBlackout Targets Banks, Facebook, Xbox Live, PSN

The video is phase one of #OpGlobalBlackout. They do recognize that MegaUpload contained copyrighted content, but say that the take down was not about copyrighted materials. Anonymous demands that MegaUpload be reinstated within 72 hours.

Anonymous claims that they have gained access to the servers for the United Nations, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, US Bank, Capital One, Chase Bank, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. If their demands are not met, they will take down all of these servers.


Many are saying this is a fake video posted without any Anonymous backing. Currently AnonOps is only refereing #OpMegaupload and not #OpGlobalBlackout. For now, we will move this to rumor and will remove this once we have confirmation that it is fake.

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RedDead3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Hahaha, I wanna see this, I say they don't have a chance of succeeding, but what do I know?

princejb1343473d ago

stupid hackers get a life and leave us gamers out of this

supersonicjerry3473d ago

I have a PS3 and they did there justice too us already lol

zeal0us3473d ago

Don't take my Facebook,twitter and Youtube. Its the social part of my life I can account for. What else am I suppose to do without them? /s

princejb1343473d ago

the only console i own is ps3 supersonicjerry but that doesnt mean it should happen to xbox live, no innocent gamer deserves it

malol3473d ago

i say DO IT !!!

bring MegaUpload back

KeybladeMaster3473d ago

This might sound horrible and it is but I want to see them try. If they somehow succeed there will be utter chaos... for a few days :). I don't think they have a chance in hell but we'll see.

Solid_Snake373473d ago

lol try it Annon, is that your sense of 'Justice'?

da_2pacalypse3473d ago

don't think this will happen.. Anon is mostly after SOPA buttholes, Microsoft and ESA have already backed their support away.

Heartnet3473d ago

Agreed :)

Although where is the logic in Taking down the Xbox Live servers as vengence for MegaUpload? They have nothing to do with each other and MegaUpload was full of illegal copyrighted shizzness lol its like there punishing the fbi for doing their jobs....

Annoymous are just looking for publicity and being the centre of attention so they gotta take down sumin big and somehow give a reason to justify it when there just a group of egotistical jackasses

SilentNegotiator3473d ago

More attacks, the scarier the internet looks to old men in the media and congress.

This won't help MegaUpload, and it won't hurt SOPA (it'll probably help).

sikbeta3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Don't worry, it's not gonna happen, they better don't try it, or they'll be hunted to the end lol

Also, remember they were saying that they're going to take down FB, what happened to that? nothing, why? because they couldn't lol expect the same results in this case :P

DragonKnight3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

I think they're actually doing it. Youtube is showing a 404 - Not Found for me. Anyone else?

**EDIT** Nevermind, it's back up. Phew. Lol. Damn Anonymous, frickin' stick to government targets.

specialguest3473d ago

I used to hate Anonymous for what they did to PSN, but my views have gradually changed since then.

Taking away my online gaming experience pales in comparison to things like SOPA, PIPA, and the disguised gradual lost of liberty. With this said, I hope Anonymous achieve their goals and send a message to the government.

Biggest3473d ago

But SOPA is already dead. Why continue to "fight" something that doesn't exist?

grahf3473d ago

If any of you are defending Megaupload, then get a clue. It was a wretched hive of scum and villainy. It was a pirate haven. Whelp, time for you to go somewhere else to get your free porn!

princejb1343473d ago


as much as im against SOPA, SOPA is not dead, it was pushed back till february

Parapraxis3473d ago

"i say DO IT !!!

bring MegaUpload back"

Anon was against the 1%
The owners or MegaUpload were part of the 1%.
If Anonymous wants to have any sort of consistency (which I doubt is likely) they will have nothing against MU going under.

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n4f3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )


but on a serious side innocent people shouldn't get hit

gamingdroid3473d ago

Never say never.

No single company can fight a large collective of hackers determined. However, I demand MS to make reasonable security measures to protect my data. If you can't protect it, don't take my information!

That said, the video also said Sony Playstation Network, starting at 0:44 seconds:

Prophet-Gamer3473d ago

Yes, MS has no excuse, ESPECIALLY when we're paying them for the service. At least SONY's is free.

Kthalas3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

@ gamingdroid

I heard them mention Sony's PSN as well. I was over these guys when I first heard of them prior to the PSN attacks last year. I really don't like them now either.

It's funny you mention that No single company can fight a large collective of hackers determined, but then demand MS to take reasonable security measures to protect your data. If the group is determined to hack, then reasonable just won't protect your data or anyone else's for that matter.

Sony could have done more, I am not saying they couldn't have, but in the end would have made a difference? Not at all. After all, if someone(s) is determined enough, eventually anything can be broken. Anything.

JackBNimble3473d ago

You people who think that paying for your service (live) gives you more protection from hackers , are fools, plain and simple!

gamingdroid3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )


***It's funny you mention that No single company can fight a large collective of hackers determined, but then demand MS to take reasonable security measures to protect your data. If the group is determined to hack, then reasonable just won't protect your data or anyone else's for that matter.***

I realized it when I said that it *seemed* contradictory. However, "reasonable" means not trivially hacked with SQL injection (for instance, like Sony Pictures). If they are getting hacked, it better damn well be a zero-day exploit or something bombastically hard to do (or unknown).

Even then, you segregate your network to contain the breach/risk at each layer and employ tools to monitor the network. In times like this, I expect staff to be on high alert....

That said, you can't fight the masses, but YOU CAN minimize the number of people that CAN breach your network.


Free doesn't mean less secure is acceptable nor does it mean the threat is significantly lessened.

pythonxz3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

I could careless if I am paying for a service or not, my billing information should be guarded just as securely. If I need to pay for a service so that my information is protected, then we live in one fucked up world.

DeathAvengers3473d ago


I believe MS's excuse would be that it's impossible to make a unhackable service. -.-

Vega753473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

why would a free service have any less of an excuse than a paid service would have.

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ATi_Elite3473d ago

Why are they messing with XBLive anyway?

They have no political ties to this stuff going on.

They already screwed with the FBI website. Also these guys are not even hackers. They just use a cheap program to overload a website causing it to crash.

SO PLEASE stop calling them HACKERS cause they are not hackers...........They are more like TROLLS and SPAMMERS!!

SignifiedSix3473d ago

If they "weren't hackers", explain to me how they get information from things? Phone numbers, adresses and whatnot..

kaveti66163473d ago

Some are hackers, and some act as drones for DDOS attacks. There is no doubt that there are some major hacker Anons.

Darth_Bane793472d ago

Go to Anonymous website, blog, or whatever they have, and talk anout the bizarre sexual inclinations of their mothers, sister, grandmas, dog, or whatever your imagination can come up with. If in a couple days your FB account has a picture of you having a twenty-some with a bunch of african americans, or your whole family gets dildos delivered to their house and paid with your credit card, then there is a high probability that there is real hackers in Anonymous. You should try and see..

fei-hung3473d ago

Anyone know what megaupload being taken down has to do with xbox live?! :s

Ducky3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

They're taking down popular online targets.
Anything that affects a lot of people.

It's basically cyber-terrorism.

-Alpha3473d ago

^ Does MS support SOPA? Last I checked EA, Sony, and Nintendo did, but then later withdrew

Arksine3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Nothing. But since it was American policy that took down Megaupload Anon is targeting popular American network services, such as XBL, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, PSN, etc. It sounds like they want to attempt to irritate the American public (as well as American companies like Microsoft and Google) in hopes that the response will be pressure on the Govt to restore Megaupload.

Most likely all it will accomplish is to piss most of us off at Anonymous. Just like the PSN Hack. Even those that disagree with the Megaupload takedown wont be happy with this action. The response from the public probably wont be "please restore Megaupload." Its more likely to be "Catch these anonymous bastards and lock them up."

Microsoft didn't support SOPA, likely because it could be damaging to Bing. They were in full support of PIPA though.

PickAShoe3473d ago

what is worst than megaupload being shut down is seeing megaporn being shut down.

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Megaman_nerd3473d ago

Just the other day Anonymus took down the Department of Justice, RIAA, MPAA, Universal Music and you think they can't do the same with XBL? Why?

JackBNimble3473d ago

Because people are stupid! If you pay for it , it must be secure....right?.....wrong!

lilbrat233473d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

Thatguy-3103473d ago

This is cyber terrorism. This wont end well because its just going to far.

kaveti66163473d ago

@ da2pacolypse.

Microsoft still supports SOPA and probably PIPA as well. They can say they don't, but they still do.

Legion3473d ago

Wow... glad I have the straight facts from you. Wouldn't know what to believe without you telling me what is really happening. Keep trolling.

jeeves863473d ago

@ Legion - if you supported something but found that other supporters around you were getting hacked, flamed and probably losing money, would you publicly state that you supported it too?

SonyStyled3473d ago

"Having already taken down websites that include those of the US Department of Justice and Universal Music Group"

I think if they could take down US Department of Justice websites I doubt XBL would prove to be a more difficult challenge

Dice013473d ago Show
dark-hollow3473d ago

I just love the change in the tone of comments when anon decides to hack xbox live.

What happened to "LET THOSE SCUM ROT IN PRISONS!!!!" ????

_Aarix_3473d ago Show
Wintersun6163472d ago

There is a key difference between these two cases. The first PSN hack was because Sony sued some sad punk and removed OtherOS, this time they're going against SOPA and PIPA.

To be honest, if they only shut down stuff and don't steal any sensitive information that could bring harm to consumers, I'm fine with a little cyber riot.

mynameisEvil3473d ago

It's interesting to see people say, "I don't think they'll succeed", yet they DDoSed all of the websites relating to the US Department of Justice, the Universal Music Group, the Motion Picture Association of America, Warner Brothers Music, the FBI, the US Copyright Office, the Recording Industry Association, and the HADOPI law... and they did it just yesterday when Megaupload came down two days ago.

And, somehow, people think that they won't succeed. I don't know whether to like Anonymous or to hate them, but I do know that they can hack anything they'd like to hack, simple as that. And, hell, if they could do it to Sony, they could do it to Microsoft.

MrBeatdown3473d ago

I don't know a lot about this stuff, but aren't they just using denial of service attacks? Basically bringing those sites down with a ton of traffic? None of those previous targets seem like high traffic sites to begin with. Youtube, Twitter, Live, Facebook... all seems like they could handle a ton of traffic.

mynameisEvil3473d ago

@ MrBeatdown
PSN going down was just a ton of traffic? Yeahhhh...



No. It wasn't.

MrBeatdown3472d ago


Did I say PSN going down was because of a ton of traffic? Yeahhhh...



No. I didn't.

Read harder. I didn't say PSN went down to a ton of traffic. PSN went down because it was hacked and Sony shut it down as a precaution. Anonymous isn't going to hack all those services.

wsoutlaw873473d ago

wow annon has got there s*** so twisted. There a mess and now just acting like fake internet gangsters

_Aarix_3473d ago

Well them taking down government websites arent fake.

wsoutlaw873470d ago

its not fake but its not impressive. No one gave a damn about those websites.

Anon19743473d ago

Yeah, that makes sense. So the FBI take down a website. So Xbox gamers minding their own business must pay.

Anonymous, go straight to hell.

mcstorm3472d ago

I agree with you. Groups like this are no different to any other thug off of the street. If they have a point to prove then fine take it up with who ever you have too but if it involves the public then dont bother because if they took psn xbox live facebook and youtube then straight away the public will not back them.

Hellsvacancy3473d ago

I hope it goes full scale "BRING EVERYTHING DOWN"

Sayin that, i bet those Anonymous dudes are the Goverment, there doin these attacks to encourage SOPA "yeah the internet is not safe man, people are bein hacked left right and centre, somebody should try stop em" then the Goverment dude sais "dont worry, we can help"

Food for thought

gotgame19853473d ago

I agree with you, not about the bring down every thing part, but i do really believe anonymous is people in the government.

joab7773473d ago

I'm a fan of IP rights as anyone who craetes something and has it stolen will attest. But I'm not a fan of losing freedom to government oversight and never should the government have the control to chose which sites to shut down based on how those sites police themselves. An IP bill would and could only reference specific sites that break the law. Trust me. You may love getting free stuff but remember, if these companies don't make money, they don't make games, or music, or movies. And the only thing I hate more than government control are terrorists who think they can use such terror to threaten others into doing what they want. There are channels to use as wiki and Google proved yesterday in getting everyone to call Congress. Now, remember, terrorism or even rebellion is a last stage strategy when all else has failed and is only to b used when a majority of citizens r willing to give up everything to fight for something more imporatnt. So, I ask, is everyone at that point now? Or are we willing to try other means first? Its rhetorical because the answer is obvious. And it shines the light brightly on these adolescent, immature, arrogant hackers who may b passionate and focused but don't understand the scope of their brash choices.

Here's to hoping it is fake as i don't mind them looking out for us and feeding us with truth so that together we can make the changes that need to be made. Somedays i feel just as hopeless in regards to the direction of this country and its leaders but i am not quite willing to give up on it...not yet.

DeadlyFire3473d ago

Why my bank? If you want to hurt corporate people go after a BIG bank. Not my little one.

Facebook is used daily by social people and they spread word to support killing SOPA. I don't really see a point in attacking it.

PSN and XBL both are gaming environments with no attachment at all to this.

Why Blackout Youtube? It is something that SOPA would likely kill if it passes, but does blacking it out really help any cause.

Sounds like BS to me, but you never know.

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iamnsuperman3473d ago

O dear. Really. Didn't they get the message last time when the PSN went down. Massive hate

ShoryukenII3473d ago

They don't care about hate. For those who didn't read the article, they plan to take down UN, Xbox Live, US Bank, Capital One, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube if Megaupload is not restored in 3 days.

I still hate Anonymous for what they did to PSN and some other things but I support this cause. I actually liked Megaupload and Megavideo. I watched a lot of anime shows on it. I never paid Megaupload for the premium service but I feel bad for the people who paid for it this month. I don't think hacking Xbox Live, Facebook and Youtube is going after the right people.

It looks like they realized that the feds don't care about their government sites and now they feel powerless so they are having a tantrum and trying to make as much noise as possible. It is silly but I hope it works. :)

Kran3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Wow really? "The Real" TV Links has been down for years. I dont see anybody else crying about it and that was basically the best site for all things tv and film.

So i find it stupid why Anonymous has to attach themselves to anything illegal :/

ShoryukenII3473d ago

Yeah, anime shows. The sites use embedded videos to all sorts of mirrors. Only a few work on PS3 web browser and Megavideo is one of them. :(

Prototype3473d ago

Thank goodness they didn't mention any porn sites :D

F- anon, as much as I don't care/like Live, the customer shouldn't have to suffer because the company still supports something the rest of the world hates.

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Why o why3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

ef off.... i actually pay for xbl...Go take down the insurance companies that scam us yearly or maybe some of those banks ¬_¬

Lord_Sloth3473d ago

Yes because it's always great to cost people jobs.