Get a $50 PlayStation Network Code

Find out how you can get $50 PSN code once you sign up for the new Playstation Card.

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aceitman4153d ago

and done got approved and will transfer another account to this one close that one , they charge for a annual fee, so good bye to that and hello 50$ psn card .

Dark_Overlord4152d ago

He is going to transfer his other balance (from another credit card) to this one as the credit card he currently uses charges an annual fee :)

Solid_Snake374153d ago

Can anyone confirm if this is US only?

Christopher4153d ago

I'm very protective of my credit rating, so I wouldn't open this just for a $50 card. Furthermore, it's a Capital One card, which, IMHO, is one of the worst credit card companies out there. What may start off as reasonable APRs and deals get quickly changed 3 to 12 months afterwards.

kreate4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

Idk man. Capital one is better than bank of america, chase, citi card, and american express.

At least they dont skyrocket the apr just cuz u paid a payment late only once. And they are willing to work with u on most cases.

Those other companies especially american express are pure capitalistic evilness right there.

Thats my experiences.

nevercloser074152d ago


I can assure you, as an Amex member that Amex is probably the BEST credit card company out there.

Sure, it can be expensive, but they aren't for everyone. And the perks / rewards system are legit.

kreate4152d ago


as a previous Amex holder, i would like to ask how Amex is good other than giving u a high credit limit up front than as u get into debt they start limiting ur credit and raises ur apr to 29.99%

they also penalize u for paying late only once. as far as payment disputes goes, they had the same level of service as any other company.

but u are right in that, they do reward u with airline miles or credit depending on which kind of account u opened.

also its good to note that they have made changes throughout the history of the company so it also depends on which time frame u were with the company.

just my thoughts and opinions. it can vary from other Amex members.

InTheZoneAC4152d ago

do not close your other card, hurts credit, just don't use it

moparful994152d ago

This is a capital one card and I already have a capital one card. So I asked them if I could just transfer my account to a Playstation card and they said I had to go through the whole application process despite being an established customer.. I know I'll get turned down if they pull my credit record due to old debts still haunting me, sad face:(

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lorianguy4153d ago

I'd get it just because it looks cool.

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