PlayStation Vita Plays Red Dead, Batman and More Via Remote Play With Custom Firmware

he PlayStation Vita’s Remote Play feature, as it stands right now, doesn’t do much. Killzone 3, which was demonstrated as having Remote Play functionality, doesn’t even currently work with the PlayStation Vita at this point. A YouTube user, though, has put up footage allegedly showing him successfully playing a number of high profile PlayStation 3 titles on a PlayStation Vita via the Remote Play feature, including Red Dead Redemption and Batman: Arkham Asylum. - PSLS

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Sev3324d ago

I'm against Custom Firmware and most hacks in general because of the possibilities it opens for piracy, but hot damn, this makes me want some CFW.

If Sony really wants to put an end to CFW, make this happen without it.

It really makes you wonder, why can't you do this in the first place?

doctorstrange3324d ago

I think the big concern for Sony + publishers, is that if everything was remote-playable, Vita software sales would likely be lower.

It's a shame, cause this would be awesome.

ginsunuva3324d ago

But people would buy more Vitas and more ps3's and ps3 games. Also, Vita software is likely to struggle anyways, so universal remote play would help get some more Vitas out into the public = higher software sales than they have now.

Solid_Snake373324d ago

I dont think so, if Sony starts showing Vita's remote play features on a ad i guarantee the Vita's sale would boom

FriedGoat3324d ago

This remote play is just PSP remote play anyway, REALLY BAD input lag. Roll on new remote play titles!!

alien6263323d ago

they are fake...look at his fingers when he plays mortal kombat...also i know spinach he says...This is how it will look if you plays this games on the vita.

sarshelyam3323d ago

They'd only be lower if you're offering the exact same experience on each platform. For titles that aren't happening on the Vita, I'm not so sure how this would do anything but bolster sales of both the Vita hardware, and the PS3 SW that isn't supported through native Remote Play.

That said, I'm with the concern on custom firmware. These are doors that really shouldn't be opened so soon in a hardware lifecycle, if at all. It only serves to force a manufacturer/developers hand in enforcing various security measures it hadn't originally intended.

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Kalowest3323d ago

I have CFW on my PSP, but i still buy games for it; I have over 20 PSP games.

jujubee883324d ago

This is pretty much homebrew in comparison to the utilities Sony is handing out devs. The official tools will be able to use the following with next gen remote play software:

-front touch
-back touch
-Six axis

I imagine some more in-depth "Remote Play 2" features will come soon after launch.

jujubee883324d ago

Also, I am a proud geek. That is how I know this. :)

ftwrthtx3324d ago

CFW is very bad for the gaming business due to piracy, but at the same time the extra features have always made the PSP a much more capable machine.

radphil3324d ago

Yea. It's a double edged sword.

You have pros and cons on both ends of it.

tehnoob33324d ago

I never got why a "double edged sword" means it has it pros and cons? Wouldn't a double edged sword be superior to a single edge because it allow the wielder to attack from either side?

radphil3323d ago


In a way yes, but that's also a drawback.

It basically goes that two sides of the same blade are sharp or "cuts both ways". It is something that could be dangerous to both yourself, as well as to your adversary, or both for your case and against it.

One example is imagine of you blocking an attack with a single sided sword (in which the blade is pointed away from you), and a double edged/bladed sword. If the person you block is stronger than you, the single blade hits you and you are relatively ok. However with a double edge, the other side of the blade can cut you.

Hopefully that made sense in helping you out.

There's both a benefit and a liability.

AzaziL3323d ago

"We think there is a fundamental misconception about piracy. Piracy is almost always a service problem and not a pricing problem" - Gabe Newell, Valve CEO and Co-Founder

jay23324d ago

Thats cool, cfw should be an indication of what we want. dont like the cwf's used to pirate though, things like that yeah.

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