Sony planning to go against iTunes & Xbox Live in 2008

Let the bell ring and the pretty lady walk by the arena holding up the sign telling us that Round 1 is about to begin -- gloves are off, et cetera. Sony's laid out its plans for 2008 and from the looks and sounds of it, they're planning to up the ante of the PlayStation Network to rival such services as Apple's iTunes and Microsoft's XBox Live service -- all for free. Sony CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, said the PS3 is planned to connect to a multitude of devices, including mobile phones and other "unspecified" electronics.

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sonarus4741d ago

yea yea more promises. show and prove sony i want home and i want more psn features and in game xmb and and and...

ruibing4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

I just want JRPG games. Sony just has to buy a Japanese RPG developer, like Level 5, to make my day. Though I'm still shifting through dozens of them on the PS2 and PSP, I'll get to the upcoming PS3 ones soon enough.

But whatever helps increases the PS3 user base is not going to get any complaints from me.

C_SoL4741d ago

they should of gave us this from the get go.....They r always lagging on stuff, but they never disappoint when finished....

sonarus4741d ago

white knight story is coming jst be patient

Mr Marbles4741d ago

Sony just says what they are going to do in an effort to stay relivant. In reality this stuff will not happen for another 5 to 8 years. Think about it, they do not even have ingame custom soundtracks yet, hell that was on the xbox1, how the hell are they going to take on XBL and Apple iTunes if they can't even match the first xbox in features that people actually want, and not features they want people to have. (wink wink bluray)

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HarryEtTubMan4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

lol its almost here buddy. These things take awhile. At least Sony is doing it all for free! And u KNOW it will be High quality

He's talking HOME, Ingame XMB, Video, music everything on demand... PSN is kicking that shiz up man. FOR FREE. Sony knows what they are doing.

SERIOUSLY...the guy at post 7 has literally become delerious from this fanboy war. haha. Or he really is that jealous of Sony. The arent just "lieing" dummy dum dum. Sony is about to compete with ITunes.hahahaa

smirx4741d ago

So, is isn't this site intended to keep track of the latest news for "YOUR" console of choice??? Ok, I can understand if someone is pondering the idea of getting a PS3, so they check out our headline page every once in a while. What I cannot figure out is if they are so in love with the their 360 and hat PS3, why even click on this article??? I'm getting sick of seeing this ridiculous system bashing (on both sides). Unless your dad is Bill Gates, you really shouldn't care about what PS3 is up to, if you own a 360.

jiggyjay4741d ago

Yeah let sony keep doing it for free! If they keep doing that they are gonna go out of business... Thats the reason why they lost 900 million last earnings in their game division.. Might be free for the consumers but somehow or another somebody has to pay for it!

Mark 14741d ago

Just more LIES from Sony. Things will not change Sony will stay in 3d place, where they belong.

Mr Marbles4741d ago

Bubble for Mark 1, someone who sees through the thick brown haze of bullsh*t

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Bladestar4741d ago

Let me get this straight.... Sony is going to offer all the music and movies itunes is providing... and all the movies available on xbox live marketplace for free!

So, Sony will purchase all the content and give it to us for free!

GO SONY! Damn! I am a sony fanboy now!

Unless of course they are talking about another DRM software... as if we need more of those...

Danja4741d ago

UMM not quite dude

Sony plans to up the ante of the rival those of XBL and i-tunes store in 2008...but the membership for the PSN is free of charge compared to that of XBL where you have to pay for movies and a membership fee...

The artcle means that Sony will be offering more content next year for PSN...basically , but im sure you already knew that just needed to be an ass-hole

shrimpboat4741d ago

When they say for free I am sure they are talking about the PSN being free. They have to charge for downloads or they are just wasting money. Anyway I am looking forward to this service.

Close_Second4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

...Costs you nothing to have an Xbox Live Silver membership which gives you full access to download movies. The movies however you have to pay for.

I dare say Sony will charge for movie downloads so it means Sony will have caught up and be the same as Xbox Live in that regard.

Wow - yet another spinless git has hit disagree without stating why. F**king fanboys are nothing but bottom dwellers.

Bladestar4741d ago

@Danja - uhhh... I was not aware that apple charges people to download itunes... nor that you need a gold account to download and play for movies.... so, what does being able to "play" online had to do with "free"... every company offers the ability to purchase movies and music for "free"... what's the big deal about this? the word "free" should not be included here.. since everyone is doing that...

as mentioned.. xbox live silver account allows you to download and pay any premium content... xbox live silver account = free... if this has nothing to do with "playing" online ... Sony's service will be the same as any other.

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shrimpboat4741d ago

Whats taking so long. itunes has been out for how long?

skagrerrrr4741d ago

should concentrate on more ps3 games & home.

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