Silent Hill: Book of Memories boxart

Konami has revealed the boxart for Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

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Ser3168d ago

Nice. Another fantastic reason for me to pick up my Vita. Can't wait!

Puty3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Great, so boxarts are now the reasons to pick a game system? Good for you. ;]

Ser3167d ago

Wow, who urinated in your Cheerios?

No, Mr. Sarcasm, I had no idea there was even a Silent Hill game in the works for Vita. I'm a huge fan.

Feels pretty stupid to jump to conclusions eh, lad?

Puty3167d ago

"Feels pretty stupid to jump to conclusions eh, lad?"
Lol, look who's talking xD. I don't orgasm only for the look of the cover art if I don't know anything about the game. For your information - this is multiplayer shooter/adventure game :D universally panned from the very first gameplay.