Third Pirates sells 8 million units in first week 160,000 On Blu-ray

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End has sold about 8 million copies in North America during its first week on sale, according to multiple industry sources, helping to raise hopes for a strong December at retail.

The third installment of the Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment franchise, which streeted Dec. 4, appears to be running neck-and-neck with Transformers as the top fourth-quarter title in 2007. Paramount Home Entertainment reported that Transformers sold a little more than 8 million units in its first street week, but this figure included sales into the rental channel. The Pirates estimate only spans direct-to-consumer sell-through, add sources.

Also, consumers sailed away with an estimated 160,000 Pirates Blu-ray copies, according to sources, another indication of the title's strength, sources say. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment singled out Spider-Man 3 as its best Blu-ray seller to date, with 130,000 copies sold over its first six days on sale.

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Danja4740d ago

Ohh wow look at the ppl reporting this as lame

when Transformers figures were released im sure they got posted...POTC is a huge Franchise...I think it's sales figures should be posted also...

Blu Ray moving in for the kill..!!

cuco334740d ago

I think people are tired of hearing about the war, especially on a gaming news site where all the youngin Timmy's come out the woodwork.

Impressive numbers and has #2 highest selling week. Following week's #s should be blu (die hard) and the following red with Bourne 3.

Guwapo774739d ago

It is very impressive. Why? Hi Def players are still in their infancy. For any title on a high def disk(on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD) to sell more than 100k in the first week is doing way above average. It gives a good indication that people are actually interested in moving to HD. Do you think 12 months ago either camp could have sold 160k in week one(not including BOGO offer)?

Basically what I'm saying is, with a 160k sold in week one on a new storage medium is outstanding.

- I'm not a fan of the POTC series...but I think I might pick this up to see what all the fuss is over...finally.

WilliamRLBaker4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

this is not impressive at all guwapo....not when their is supposed to be 6m+ ps3s out there, only 160K sales? thats sad is what that is.

Its time to use the fact that 90% of all blu ray player sales are ps3s againest the sony fanboys.
There are 6M+ps3s out there with blu ray out of the box...why didn't pirates 3 sell atleast 1 million when the dvd version sold 8 million?
lol its not impressive blu ray numbers at all.

thats awesome dirty is back we get to have 15 blu ray news reports on the front page now.

shysun4739d ago

William I guess that when the Xbots say that PS3 owners only watch movers, they're LIERS right?! It's the best selling first week for a HD movie so YES dumbass that's impressive.

I love how NOW you fanboys admit to there being 6m Blu-ray players out there! lol

Jandre024739d ago

For what is now the dumbest comment i've seen this month.

Did you just say 160,000 is not alot because there are 6m+ PS3's?

First of all, there are 7m+ PS3's. Secondly, who in the hell said that every person that has a PS3 will buy a movie the first week it release, and secondly who says every PS3 owner likes POTC? Or maybe hasnt already seen it in theatres like I have.

Damn I couldnt belive that when i read it. Were you really trying to make a point or were you trying really hard to be a fanboy?

wallace10004739d ago

It is a sweet movie, i was one of those 8 million :-D

Guwapo774739d ago

The population of the US is 301 million people. Roughly 6 million PS3s sold. Its pretty safe to say there are DVD players in almost every home. Not to include the lower poverty level people as they usually aren't included in the total population anyways. Only 8 million sold which come to about 1 in 37 people and 1 in 43 for Blu-ray owners. For being such a small percentage I think blu-ray owners are representing pretty well. When you look at the bigger picture, things do look pretty impressive. Just my opinion.

resistance1004739d ago

Yes because all the Ps3's sold were in america. Think before you make dumb ass comments like that. Comparing worldwide PS3 console sales to the NA sales of one blu-ray film is as dumb as it gets.

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HarryEtTubMan4740d ago

The Round Peg you are a JEALOUS SORE LOSER. Get over it bro and get a life. You spend all day everyday here and in gametrailers trying to prove points when there are none to prove. These are sales numbers of a Blockbuster Blu RAY movie and OMG GUESS WHAT.... THE PS3 HAS A BLU RAY PLAYER! Just beucase ur piece of sh!T defecto junk cardboard box doesnt have anyhting but DVD9 doesnt mean PS3 owners dont. Get over yourslef The Round Peg/BLO0DMASK... SERIOULY GET A LIFE. THERE ARE NO BLU RAY SPINS. BLU RAY IS WINNING AND IS IN THE PS3. DEAL WITH IT BIOTCH!!!

Mark 14739d ago


DVD rules!

kingofps34740d ago

Bloodmask and The Round Peg are probably saddened by this news. Its ok guys, don't cry. Just STFU and go Blu-ray.

beoulve4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

they can always write something in XBOXKings and submit it in N4G. Just like they did on tuesday. Zhuk, Round Peg and DC_R1D3R.. all of them approved it immediately. In fear of getting banned, Round_peg bailed out and say he didn't realize it...Right He reported Lame and Fake so much, I dont think he didn't realize what he is doing.

WilliamRLBaker4739d ago

you own your self not only by having nothing constructive to add, but all so mentioning other people.

You all so own your self in the fact that 6M+ps3s have been sold...all with blu ray playback out of box...yet only 160K copies of that movie sold..hmmmm

rofldings4739d ago

Yup! Cause you know how everyone that bought a PS3 must have loved POTC so much that they wanted to buy a BD copy.

People have different tastes asshole. How many DVD players are there? A billion? And only 8 million sold? "hmmmm..."

ChanDangle4740d ago

Haven't picked any of the pirate movies yet. Since the first one came out on bluray I'll be waiting for a boxset.

sonarus4740d ago

lol get it off amazon they will offer discount for gettin all 3. I always get my blu rays off amazon. they sell them for like 22 bucks and they have been giving buy 1 get 1 free offers. Got blood diamond departed then jst cus i had pirates 1 and 2 got pirates 3 lol

ruibing4740d ago

Yep, that's the only good thing this format war is doing. The massive sales on each format is really helping me build up my Blu Ray collection.

chrno64740d ago

The movie sucks but this is great news for Blu-way. Blu-way is dominating on a world wide scale right now, and it seems the only battle is in America.

Bonsai12144740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

i actually enjoyed this one more than i did the second..
plus the transfer of this movie was perfect, and its one of the best looking HD movies out to date. if you have a 1080p tv and a ps3, buy this movie to show off how good stuff can look.

(omg, i sound like an advertisement.. haha) thats what i get for spending time on the avs forums..

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