Split Screen Coop headed for Unreal 3?

From the official UT forum, regarding split screen coop on the ps3 version:

"We're aware that some of our customers wanted split screen for the PS3 version of UT3. We hear you and will evaluate the feature for possible future updates to UT3."

We'll have to wait and see what Midway and the unreal team has in store for ps3 gamers.

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Relcom4739d ago

They acually listen to what costumers and actually fix it. Almost unheard of.

jiggyjay4738d ago

If they actually listened then it would've already been in there.. Gears had splitscreen from the beginning.. Epic probably had trouble putting it in the PS3 because we know that the PS3 has limited memory and probably won't be able to handle splitscreen! That's the reason why Motorstorm doesn't have it!

fusionboxer4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

I remember Bungie saying they may possibly include 4 player co op at a later time and ended up just including it in the box and even rumors of an update that would have allowed co op in dead rising. Many motorstorm owners wanted offline splitscreen of any sort and the wish has remained ...well less then granted.

The question here is, Is it even possible to add something like this into a game that's already been finalized and tested? As much as I want to believe it's coming to the ps3 I just don't see it happening. I know it sounds similar to sega and virtua fighter, but Epic is likely to include some sort of splitscreen for the 360 version of the game and leave the ps3 owners in the dust.

Personally I'd be pissed if that happened, but that's just me. I can only hope this sort of update is even possible. Sure they did well to include online campaign mode, but the main use for bots in my case was to bring a new comer to the unreal series over and allow him/her to blast some bots with me offline.

But yea I still totally respect EPIC for the great job they've done on unreal so far and their trust in ps3 owners that we're willing to wait a bit, while Unreal 3 slowly evolves into the best shooter around.

PS. I hate to say it...but i'd pay to have splitscreen included...And yea i know I'm a part of the problem.

Daver4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Shut up... dont talk about things you dont know you idiot... Resistance has splitscreen and Haze will have 4 co-op splitscreen...
If you dont have anything intelligent to say then shut it up

sehnsucht4739d ago didn't include it?

THE_JUDGE4738d ago

I don't understand why dev's aren't including it in the first place. Split screen has been around for ages so it should be a standard by now!

BlackIceJoe4739d ago

Well this will be a great add I can't wait to have it. There are some games out on the market and some have co-op and some do not and it is great to see that this game will get it soon. Other then that I am liking UTIII a lot.

sonarus4739d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

I am begining to think the ps3 can't handle split screen. This is not the first time i am hearing split screen may come in future update. I loved motorstorm but i ended up trading it in because there was no multiplayer value for me online was lame cus everyone was using the boost exploit and no split screen. Wanted to get formula 1 but passed for same reason and COD4 on ps3 didnt have split screen. Don't knw if its the ps3 that can't handle it but damn sony needs to give us split screen

I knew my comment would be very controlversial but i had to speak my mind. COD4 has no split screen online on ps3 and motorstorm and F1 had no split screen either. Am pretty sure prologue has no split screen hopefully GT5 will have but am gonna buy that regardless cus i hardly played split screen with that on ps2 anyway. But my point is resistance used 10% of ps3 power did the remainng 90% go into split screen. Warhawk is a great game i play it everyday but its not the most beautiful game out there when we start pushing the graphics level on ps3 we seem to have no split screen. Personally i never thought COD4 graphics were that great maybe 360 graphics were better cus i played it for ps3 so i dunno KZ2 had way better graphics IMO but am sure when KZ2 comes out, it will lack coop or split screen. Hopefully it dosent cus i want split screen

Vulcan Raven4739d ago

how is it that the ps3 cant handle split screen? Oh ps3 has split screen on COD4!!

felman874739d ago

warhawk had 4 p split screen + online, it's more than capable

the worst4739d ago

this guy is just mad
he stuck play COD4 or ass effect
or wait new exclusive Madden NFL 08 Espanol

jahcure4739d ago

The launch title Resistance Fall of Man has split screen. And i've played it through 7 times on split screen without a hiccup. Just because some devs don't make use of the facilities doesn't mean the machine can't handle it.

shrimpboat4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

launch title Resistance has split screen and Rainbow Six Vegas

Polluted4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Call of Duty 4 has split screen on the PS3. I rented it this week and was playing deathmatch with my roommate earlier today. Resistance and Warhawk have split screen too. Resistance actually has a decent co-op mode even. Warhawk allows multiple players on the same TV to go online and compete with others. Those are the only ones I can think of, but I'm sure there are more.

edit: @everyone above me: Yaa, what you guys said.

Cynical-Gamerzus4738d ago

PS3 can handle the Split screen!!! but EPic is spread thin and has sold out to MS they are PC Cauck suckers and well are behind already with the PS3 technology,cause too busy holding hands with MS 360 fanboys and pc fanboys make windows version etc...
THis game was rushed and it shows....they are full of it!just wait for HAZE let put epic behind us and move on same with Valve ,,PC games should fade to new PS3 Console developer!!
Selling mine on ebay ...Not in home multiplayer value whats so ever!!!!
Lame Very
KIllzone 2 anyone??????

sonarus4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

None of those games really push the graphics though except for maybe COD4 and that dosent have split screen online. Motorstorm F1 and GT prologue do and there is no split screen in any of these. Actually i take that back the game was lead developed on PC so split screen prob jst wasnt on their road map

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Darkiewonder4739d ago

If they can somehow manage to slap splitscreen then I'll make sure to go out and buy the game tomorrow [If there is any available ;(]

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