Amazon quickly sells out pre-orders for Nintendo Wii

It seems some early risers were temporarily able to place a pre-order for the Nintendo Wii, at the online retailer, Amazon. The new gaming console is not to be released officially until November 19. It's not possible to know exactly how many of the consoles were pre-ordered, however, the device hit #6 on the top sellers list for Game Hardware category! So, that's a bunch!

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OutLaw5851d ago

You talk about quick. Damn I didn't even know anybody was taking pre orders yet.

clayton5851d ago

And the 360 is ahead of the Wii in the top sellers list. So atleast the 360 is still selling strong.

PS360WII5851d ago

So they only get a few consoles to sell/pre-order and your already worried that they might sell more then the 360?

Seafort5851d ago

this is great for the wii console :)
not sure why some x360 fanboys are getting worried about another console that isnt out yet outselling a console thats been out for nearly a year.

go wiiiiiii!! :P

OutLaw5851d ago

I have the 360 and it's a great system. But now is the time to see what the Wii and the PS3 could offer. I'm looking forward to the release of those two systems and most likely going to pick up the Wii on release date.

clayton5850d ago

I'm not worried at all, I believe it will be a 3 way tie this time around. I want the 360 to do well, if it does, more and more games will be developed for it. It is common sense, if the console isn't doing well then the game selection will suffer.