Gamespot Reviews Golden Axe III: 5/10

New abilities and branching paths are weighed down by stiff controls and a lack of character, which leaves the mediocre Golden Axe III a sad shell of the original.

The Good
* Adds a significant amount of new combat moves
* Branching paths and co-op attacks add some replay and
* Magic spells still look way cool.

The Bad
* Stiff, unappealing, and occasionally unreliable controls
* Boring, lifeless backgrounds, and grainy sprites
* Garbled sound effects
* The Golden Axe charm is gone.

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gamesblow4738d ago

VC games make me laugh... Buying them makes me laugh even more. I love my ps3 for times like these.. I love being able to play all of these games and thousands more without having to pay a dime.


Brainiac 84737d ago

I guess you think people are also suckers that walk into stores and purchase clothing or other things, when you just walk in and shove the items down your pants and walk out with them.

Yea, we're the suckers and your the thief.

ItsDubC4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Wow, I didn't know the PS3 could play ROMSs right out of the box, or that owning a Wii somehow prevents one from ever playing ROMs.

EDIT @ below:

Exactly, you have to set it up. You can't pull your PS3 out of the box and immediately play ROMs. In fact, setting up the PC I already own to play ROMs is far less tedious, so why tout the PS3's ability to do so?

gamesblow4737d ago

Roms are completely legal if oyu own the source material, Terry... Emulators are all legal. Know what you're talking about before you spout off your mindless drivel.

& Ps3 can easily play roms and emulators out of the box... It takes about 2 hours to set everything up and you're off and rolling and it's not hard to do at all. PS3 is where it's at.

ChickeyCantor4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Even if you own the original, you don't have the rights to duplicate a game.

" VC games make me laugh... "
god you really are a moron, so new gamers know all sh/ts and stuff about emulation and roms right?
plus the fact you don't have the rights to own a rom.

" & Ps3 can easily play roms and emulators out of the box... It takes about 2 hours to set everything up and you're off and rolling and it's not hard to do at all"

you completely contradict yourself out of the box!
if you have to set it all up and it takes about 2 hours, its not considered "right out of the box"

and if it took you 2 hours, don't even start about how easy it is.
setting up software should take less then an hour.

( but you have nothing against sonys's ways of selling their PS1 games right? just STFU you imbecile)

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DemiseofPandas4738d ago

What is the point of reviewing these games? I mean all reviewers have a bias towards the aging of the games, and the fact that they have played them before. I mean you can already see the bias when a game like devil may cry 3 comes out gets a good score, but the special edition which is the same game offering a lot more content gets a lower score. I swear games have the depreciation rate of cars going off the lot when it comes to reviews. I mean just plain out of curiosity what is even the highest score any of these games have?

Brainiac 84737d ago

There are games that do recieve higher scores from certain companies online even if they are old. Crap like Golden Axe III was horrible even when it was first released.

I don't know why catastrophe is even posting VC reviews except for the fact that he is wanting to get some more negetive news about the Wii out there, and he feels this is the best way to do it.

It's stupid.