Heavenly Sword: PlayStation 3 Interview

One of the games Sony hopes will carry its PS3 back to the top of the market share hill is Heavenly Sword, a stylish action game that wowed at least as many gamers at E3 as the first-person shooter Resistance: Fall of Man. Since E3, Resistance: Fall of Man has garnered most of the media's attention, but the developers at Ninja Theory continue to plug away at Heavenly Sword to ensure that when their game ships, it will showcase the power of the PS3 just as well as Insomniac's FPS. DailyGame had a chance to interview the producer of Heavenly Sword, Mat Hart, about Ninja Theory's PS3-exclusive launch game. Here's the transcript of that conversation.

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andy capps5851d ago

Good article, but a little short. Plus, need some new screenshots showing the blood that they've added. I think this one will be as much of a system seller as Resistance: Fall of Man, they just need to put out more info on it. I hope TGS will be the time for that.

specialguest5851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

for news and updates on this game, check out the official ninja-theory forum/site:

i read one of the thread and found out that they actually changed the way the heroine's face looked: good or bad?

Donkey Slayer5851d ago

Who knows, I may change my mind after playing a demo or something.

Captain Tuttle5851d ago

That guy asked some good, hard questions.

subcell5851d ago

the answers are flowing one after the other with sense and coolness...the best game related interview i've read in a long time

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The story is too old to be commented.