Spec Ops: The Line –The Thinking Man’s Gears Of War

360 Magazine: Spec Ops: The Line has returned from obscurity and is giving players a third person action thrill ride and proving it can make you think while it’s at it…

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Biglet3176d ago

I might need spec ops soon, been staring at the screen too long and my eyes are hurting.

Crazyglues3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

I had lost all hope for this title, it seem to have completely fallen off the radar, but this latest trailer...

-Has me thinking maybe there is light at the end of this tunnel...

hope the game turns out to be good, they have a great concept and if it's done right they could become a light sleeper like homefront, and end up selling over 2 million copies..


BlackPrince 423176d ago

Yeah before this game disappeared it was being sold as a new take on the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I've been worried since it's been out of the spotlight for so long but this trailer certainly doesn't make it out to be your typical macho power fantasy bull****.

Assuming the extra dev time was put to good use this game could be this year's surprise success story, the way Arkham Asylum was in 2009.

Dailynch3176d ago

I reckon this is looking really good. I think it's going to surprise a lot of players out there.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3176d ago

I'm either gonna get this or Binary Domain for my tps of choice this year. Currently leaning towards Binary as it has voice command and a similar morality system..... and less sand -_-