The Worst Big Budget Games Of 2007: Lair is the Winner

Check out the top 10 disasters of 2007:

10. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
9. BlackSite: Area 51
8. Clive Barker's Jericho

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toughNAME4738d ago

There's no way Lair had a big budget...

Genki4738d ago

The games budget was in the neighborhood of $20,000,000.00 USD...I'd say that's pretty big.

toughNAME4738d ago

that's a massive budget

how sad...

Jinxstar4738d ago

While I don't disagree I dont see how any games budget could be that high... What do they spend it on... Lets see 30 programmers and some computers... maybe a year project... Right? or wrong? I mean unless the programmers are making upwards of 500,000 a year....

Gondee4738d ago

Too worlds had a super small buget. good of that.

jiggyjay4737d ago

Again KZ2=Lair... Killzone 2 probably has the same budget or more than Lair so it will become a dissapointment like lair and the PS3!

Daishi4737d ago

@ Jinxstar. Maybe your forgeting the voice actors, animation designers, and the fact that it came out in more than one language.

BrianC62344737d ago

This list is horrible. LAIR isn't a bad game. No way does it deserve all this hate from the lame media. Just more Sony hate is all it is. How about putting Assassin's Creed on the list instead? A very buggy and overhyped game.

Salvadore4737d ago

Wow, how do they spend this huge amount of money the game?

ddldave4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

you're asking how can they spend 20 million of a budget for a game? you do know that movies like transformers and spiderman's budgets were around 200 million right?

video games is growing super fast right now, and soon when the ps5 and xbox 1000 comes out, i bet games like halo, gran turismo, and stuff are going to be 200 million budgeters also, right next to movies. since everybody will have a game system and everybody will play games. and games will have better graphics, gameplay, sound, and even storyline.

EDIT: i meant transformers and spiderman the movie, not the game. lol.

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Zhuk4738d ago

Lair is representative of everything that is wrong with the PS3

ruibing4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

If you only listen to what you want to hear, I guess I can see how you drew that conclusion. Since you don't know own a PS3 and simply want to find reasons to fault it, I suppose your argument makes sense.

As for PS3 owners, the game is really not that bad if you are used to complicated controls. Sure it was hyped up more than it deserved, but I played it on my friend's system and it was pretty satisfying. I would simply suggest you wait until the game hits budget price and try it out for yourself. In the meanwhile, go try out some of the good solid exclusive and cross-platform titles available.

felman874738d ago

Two worlds represents everything that is wrong with the 360. (2 was actually the number 1 game before they took it out and replaced with lair)

skitzoid4738d ago

Zhuk is representative of everything that is wrong with the N4G.

Genki4738d ago

Zhuk is a prime candidate for such. Anyone who never or rarely contributes anything constructive has no business making comments. You may as well be typing ASKGVHNAEIKBMNOB, because that's about what your comments amount to...a garbled, irrelevant mess.

season0074738d ago

couldn't agree with more
bubbles for you

Megaton4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Zhuk trolls on purpose. Admitted it himself in the N4G forums, while he was complaining about the bubble system.

He is indeed the epitome of what's wrong with N4G.

TheSadTruth4738d ago

Hate to state the obvious (and lose my last bubble)

But for every Zhuk there are five Nasims...

Genki4738d ago

and there's no place for either of them on this site. One group of trolls outnumbering the other doesn't validate the existence of either group. They both need to pack their sh*t and bounce because nobody needs to hear that trash. Yeah, there's an ignore function, but after months on end of ignoring, it shouldn't even be an issue, they should just be gone.

WIIIS14738d ago

I don't see anything objectionable about Zhuk's comments. They are not abusive and they are not lies, unlike the comments from some others. They are just his opinions which he is fully entitled to express.

shrimpboat4738d ago

One game does not represent the PS3. If thats the case, you are a representative of whats wrong with the world.

Genki4738d ago

you don't have to be outright threatening, profane, or direct to be a trolling nuisance. Remember the idiot from grade school that would sit in front of you with his/her finger in front of your face and say "I'm not touching you!" ad infinitum? Please don't tell me you're about to defend such nonsense. Either way, it tells me but one thing, but I won't go there.

Anyway, you're absolutely right about him having an opinion, but that opinion has been drummed down our throats at each turn. Zhuk and people liek him are vampiric opportunists who never fail to miss a beat when it comes to this sort of thing. Even though all of his opinions may be negative, they could sure as hell contribute if they had something constructive to say, but they don't. 99% of the time they're just cheap, childish jabs meant to antagonize the community, and it's beyond old, immature, and tired by now.

If you like your XBox, then fine, HAVE FUN with it, but stop trying to perpetuate your ridiculous grudge to people who just don't want it. He's the equivalent of a heckler at a comedy show or political rally. Chances are, the people gathering at such an event have no need or desire for someone who will act in such a way, and 9 times out of 10 such a character will be escorted away from the event. I don't see why this is any different or any more acceptable.

Like I said, entitled to his opinion as he is, we've HEARD IT ALL by now, and nothing he has to say has merit or makes any decent contribution or argument. Nobody cares to see it and his only purpose is to aggravate. I see no reason why an internet HECKLER should be allowed to continue going about his wretched business anymore than a heckler irl. Get rid of them all, this place will be much better and much more interesting, believe me.

Anyone ever been to a message board with good moderation and a lack of trolls? It's a beautiful thing. I sure would love it if this place could have that too, because the news is invaluable at times.

Achievement Unlocked4737d ago

JIN KAZAMA - 10 Dec 2007 17:48
40 - There is just something trashy about
the xbox brand users. Most of them seem to live in trailer parks and are a bunch of racist pigs. XBL users have an image of "Dukes of Hazard" if you know what I mean. Very uneducated, childish and closed minded people. I am not surprised at all, that it is being thought of as society's sewer. PSN might have very few of these types of people, but nowhere near the amount you see on XBL. And dont give me the reason because there are much more users, i am taling about percentage wise. Playstation owners are much more classy, much more high tech. PS3 users most likely will have a german or japanese car in their garage, whereas 360 users would most likely have a ford sitting on blocks infront of thier lawn, and maybe a inflatable pool in the backyard.

Thats why i am glad UT3 is on the PS3, so i can play online, I feel bad for teh very few that are decent on XBL.



i agree with jin kazama, 2 more thing i would add into that list is addicts of chemicals and dillusional...........i mean how else would you describe your violent, negative and pessimistic attitudes.

btw, the reason he has 2 bubbles is because xbot morons hate reading the truth. its so simple to piss u guys off. just the mention of rrod sets u guys in flames and thats a known issue.


40.4 -
He meant ignorant warmongering americans which love shooting games,

BrianC62344737d ago

Since LAIR is a good game I guess that means the PS3 is good too. I agree.

Zhuk4737d ago

I provide opinions, another side to the debate. Unlike Sony trolls, I don't attack people.

Moderate Sony fanboys should be thankful that I enlightened them with a worldview that isn't straight from the Sony hivemind.

JokesOnYou4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

you are one of the few sony *fans that I respect, because you almost always speak your mind and you come off as honest even if you favor 1 console(ps3) over another, I see many try the same but its easy to spot their BS, as for myself I clearly favor the 360 and dont pretend otherwise, at any rate I have to disagree with your recommendation of banning zhuk, yes he is crude and his comments are nothing short of provoking and flamebait,(as are mine from time to time) but its STILL his opinion no matter how harsh or foolish you might find it, as you said there is an ignore feature and that should not be downplayed if *some* really dont care for what he has to say then why complain, just ignore, nothing he said is obscene, profane, racist, or otherwise offensive in a way which attacks someone *personally,

unlike what I have seen out of other members such as Jin Kazama which is pointed out in the above #2.12 post. Why not let everyone voice their opinion as long as it doesn't fall within the above mentioned criteria? I myself speak harshly about the ps3 but I do also try to give a reason for most of the things I say, are we going to start dictating what can and cannot be said even when its not an attack on an individual? where then do we draw the line?, its kinda something that pisses me off about America for awhile now, its almost as if nobody can make a general statement without being accused of some crime against ALL people of a particular race or culture. Its getting ridiculous, soon freedom of speech will just be a word in history books. I agree theres definitely some comments that cross the line but that line shouldn't be measure by some peoples *irrational emotional connection to something a trivial as a videogame console, sure we're all human and its possible to get wrapped up in the things you support even when in the big picture they dont matter much, but why can't people just laugh sometimes, its like the RROD comments 360 fans know those jokes will never end so you just got to laugh and move on.


Genki4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )


Well I guess I should start by saying I agree with a lot of what you said about freedom of speech...some people in this country definitely take up too much issue with things. Reminds of a jab Carlos Mencia made once, he likened the soft-hearted and easily offended to the Hispanics who threw fits over the Taco Bell chihuahua. I believe it went something like "You're an idiot if you look at a dog and say...Hey... THAT'S ME!!!" but I digress...I'm a sucker for good satire btw. Love George Carlin too.

Anyway, I agree with what you've said about personal attacks, and I think they have no place here either. The reason I think folks like Zhuk need to get a clue is because what he does is akin to what a heckler at a rally or other public gathering would do. In accordance with what authorities will never fail to do to a heckler, I believe the same should happen to these characters. Like I said though, it's certainly not a one way street. I can't stand the trolls that stay on one "side" of the site(can't believe I'm using that) and pick on others from afar, much like what you referenced. It's just as bad or worse, and it's easily as provocative as another console fan coming in and saying "your system sucks, blows, blah blah blah". As a matter of fact it's practically an invitation.

I was just in the fake Famitsu GT5 thread yesterday, and I believe my first comment was a plea that people not sling mud over this "victory" as so many saw it, because all it would do is provoke people and end up biting them in the as*es. Guess what happened a day later. You know what I say? Screw every last one of em. Karma's a mother, and it's high time people start learning that two wrongs don't make a right. There was nothing there, NOTHING AT ALL that needed to be turned into a fanboy pis*ing contest, but the opportunists can't seem to see it that way.

My point was though that all of the nonsense serves no purpose. Speak your opinion yeah, and Hell, be proud and stick to your guns, but too much of one thing is good for nothing. There comes a time when even some opinions start to feel a little excessive, and it's essentially the same inflammatory bullcrap that's we've all heard since day one. In my head, if you don't like it...then why incite something there? It's all of it though. God knows I can't stand the Nasims and the Kevins and their clones who spam these GARGANTUAN editorials to swell their feeble egos on why their console is so superior. Likewise I can't stand the trolling dwellers who feign favoritism for one console so they have free reign to slander the other.

What I'm ultimately against is trolling. Be a fanboy all you want, but please don't be a troll. Stealth trolls, provocative ones, flaming ones, all of them. While I personally don't ignore people, I can understand that others do. I won't censor someone myself, and this may sound contradictory because of that, but I do believe in getting rid of unnecessary garbage, and those are trolls to me. I'm sorry if it sounds harsh and condescending, but there's no nicer way I can say it.

JokesOnYou4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

there you go yet again ruining my perfect description of "sonykids", your comments are smart, reasonable, fairminded and display logical behavior= are you sure you like ps3? no no I'm just kiddin' as you said it goes both ways, and Iam definitely guilty of my fair share of flaming the *other side, its just in my nature to be a smart ass but all in all I hope I at least make people think thats all. So again although we don't see "eye to eye", I can respect any well thought out opinion based on common sense, I'm sure we may bump heads in the future but theres no rule on against two rational people holding a difference of opinion. Great post and good day, Genki.

oh btw I love Mencia and George Carlin (really anybody who's funny, but those are two of the great ones) and I agree...its like something I often tell some of my friends: "I wish those *sensitive type people could just wear a fcking flashing sign around their necks so we know who they are, then the rest of the world can relax and enjoy themselves, when *those people are not around", I mean seriously I don't like racist, profane or people just being assholes for no reason, but life is funny sometimes so I just think we should laugh a little more and complain a little less.


Genki4737d ago

heh heh...

Well, believe it or not, I'm a bit of a smart a** myself, but you said it yourself JoY, some people are a bit too sensitive. Add to that the tension that's always brimming between our two infamous camps here, and you can probably see why I refrain from it here. Conversely though, I don't blame you for acting on it.

Like I said, I can't stand a troll, but I see nothing wrong with a few good jabs said in jest. Hell, my favorite comedian(George Carlin) is easily among the most provocative, pushy, and profane comedians around, and has been for over 40 years(Seven dirty words, anyone?), and I know that he's had his share of people that can't take a joke. Ah well, what are you gonna do...

Cheers, and thanks for the good discussion.

ravinash4737d ago

lots of misnomers and lies to bring down a system, then I would have to agree with you.
Now I haven't played lair...but I'll still put forward this argument because I can put my bottom dollar down that you haven't played it either. But all the crap the has been said about this game is 50% xbot spew and 98% of all comments about the ps3 are along the same line.
I have no problem with people sharing their option, but when I already know what their going to say before I even read their comments then it does get a little boring and tiresome.
Try changing the record every now and then.

Legend4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

I would say that Lair is representative of everything wrong with the entire current world of video games in terms of the marketing surrounding games. Too large a portion of these inflated budgets are dedicated to selling us on the game, while the actual games themselves either suffer from under development, or over exposure. And the result is that gamers are too busy waiting (and worrying) for the next big thing, or their System Savior as I call it. Then, when these games are finally released, the hype has raised the bar to world record heights where few can ever deliver. I would like to see these marketing funds directed to game development so that the fundamental aspects of the game are there, and then let word of mouth drive sells. I think gamers should start believing less of what they read, asking more questions, and demanding more out of their hobby. Rushed deadlines and over hyped, under delivering products will kill our hobby faster than any lawyer, pundit, or politician. See E.T. for the Atari and the resultant fallout for your case in point.

man0fsteel4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

You are like the older red-headed step-brother that kicks the younger brother in the gut while he's down. Thats all you ever do. you offer no encouragement or positive ideas and all you are ever good for is bringing your ideas of negativity towards the PS3... and for what reason?

You know, there are many PS3 fans that act the same exact way, but for the most part i have yet to see a ANY x box fan compliment ANYTHING about the PS3. PS3 fans here have given some credit to the 360 when credit is due... but with you guys, anything that Sony tries to do or unveil seems mediocre and meager to you and it seems like NOTHING would ever satisfy you. You act exactly like the arrogant company that feeds your opinions... that i can not stand.

Nipplestiltskin4737d ago

No, actually Sony is guilty of only one thing here. Rushing the game they shouldve taken the time on, especially considering the budget of the game. They are trying to play catch up in their first year with Microsoft, and it isn't working right now. Perhaps 2008. I think so...

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Kokoro4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

all had big budget, but didn't fair well in sales. These are my personal top 3. They also forgot to put Stranglehold. Which bombed on all platform

Skerj4738d ago

Lmao Lair was worse than Generico? I'm doubting someone's commitment to sparkle motion.

ElementX4738d ago

LOL, nice Donnie Darko reference! :)

Skerj4738d ago

Hah kudos and bubbles to you sir, no one has EVER gotten when I've said that before. Except people who I know just saw the movie or something, you have good taste.

KidMakeshift4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

What's up with Jericho's level design? I spent two hours basically going back and forth in the first environment. It got boring fast.

Richard Kelly has a new movie out "Southland Tales"

Skerj4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Hah I think that's just the tip of the iceberg in what's wrong with that game. I feel bad that you had to play through that much, I really wanted to like the story too maybe they should have made it a graphic novel or something.


How is it? I keep meaning to check it out but I haven't yet thanks for reminding me. The Box is out next year I can't wait for that either.

KidMakeshift4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Maybe as a true story in the back pages of the Weekly World News.

I can't wait for Clive Barker's next game: Hellraiser: Pinhead's Pachinko Adventure

I haven't seen it yet. I think there's only one place showing it in Los Angeles. It's suppose to be a weird comedy starring "The Rock" and a whole bunch of C-list actors.

Skerj4738d ago

Sadly it's not playing in my area so I gotta wait for the DVD release. I definately want to see it though and I don't mind the actor list either. I've come to realize that a lot of times actors in indie movies perform way better than the usual Hollywood "blockbuster" fair.

KidMakeshift4738d ago

Amen on that. Check out "Be Kind, Rewind" to only reassure yourself

Skerj4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Yeah I've been waiting for that one, I've always been a fan of Mos Def and Jack Black, I so can't wait for that movie. The Ghostbusters part in the trailer had me crying.

NEO_X4737d ago

both of you guys are getting bubbles from me Donnie Darko is phenomenal

KidMakeshift4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Primer is another great psychological movie dealing with time and space

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FirstknighT4738d ago

Well Lair could be sitting in one of the worst flops of all time. Remember the sony fanboys used to scream "Wait till Lair comes out, that game alone will crush the 360 lineup." Silly kids.

Skerj4738d ago

Hah who said that? Lair never looked like it was going to crush anything to me at least. Graphics are awesome and it is pretty entertaining, but it isn't a Panzer Dragoon. I think most of the negative Lair stigma came from people who never played it but piggy backed on reviews.

ruibing4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Ah that's what happens when the ego of a 360 fan get all bloated, they become green and ignorant. Or have they always been like that...

And that is quite an ego considering one of their own games is occupying a spot not far away from the bottom...

EZCheez4738d ago

That's all you ever have to say. You're spamming topics like this everytime with your cut and paste response.

I've been on this site for a while now and while a lot of people looked forward to Lair, me included, I don't remember anyone saying "Wait till Lair comes out!" No one here acted as if the second coming was going to happen when Lair was released. We were just looking forward to what we though might be a good game like anyone else would. The only reason that's all you heard is because all you ever do is troll PS3 news. You probably have more posts involving the PS3 than the 360 don't you?

And if you wanna talk about big flops, I would consider Super Mario Sunshine, Resident Evil Outbreak, E.T., and plenty others as the biggest of all time.

Being an honest PS3 owner though, I will admit that Lair belongs on the list. However I never said "Wait for Lair to crush the 360 lineup!"

KidMakeshift4738d ago

Why couldn't Lair be the next Panzer Dragoon

SabreMan4737d ago

were back to the silly kids are we
there is nothing wrong with high expectation but sadly those highs in Lairs case were not met, it's by no means a rubbish game, granted it's average with moments of brilliance but overall as a package it's average

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