Spike TV, G4 Announce New Game Programming

Furthering the push to make games a greater part of the TV landscape, both MTV Networks's Spike TV and Comcast's G4 have announced new games lineups with a daily-news focused X-Play on G4, and Spike's new weekly GameTrailers TV.

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xplosneer4740d ago

Is bigger news than the "huge news" of lost coming fall 08. Heroes matches this.

Norad64740d ago

Hmmmmm, does anyone remember the show Pulse? It was basically a gaming news show on G4 way back when G4 was all about gaming. It sounds like this is what this X-play news show is. Let me guess Morgan Web and Adam Sessler are the anchors. cool, i'll watch.

Skerj4740d ago

G4 used to rock before they merged with TechTV, I miss Portal and Blister so much.

the worst4740d ago

its bad AOTS has
360fangirls host it
now this

lil bush4740d ago

so they basically trying to be a copy cat of epileptic gaming, which is a much better show then x-play can ever be

FamilyGuy4740d ago

I was JUST about to mention it after reading this news summary. I friggin loved that show but they took it off air. I was upset, didnt miss judgment day though but for some reason they're bring that crap back when X-play does a good enough job of reviewing games. I dont need all the behind scenes crap meet developers and stuff, just rate the games.

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