Wii Chess: Oh, go on then...

CVG writes:
"The first details have emerged on Nintendo's Wii Chess - and knock us flat with a pawn, it actually sounds decent.

The budget title (it's only 30 Euros - or about 20 quid) supports games over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as well as the usual local multiplayer options. There's also different graphical styles you can flip around, which means Nintendo nostalgia is almost guaranteed."

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MK_Red4739d ago

I think I found what game Wii will get next.
It's called "Wii Die" and it's a really entertaining game. You put the Wiimote strap around your neck and strangle yourself. The faster you die, the higher your score. Plus, the technology could be used in other games as well.
There should be a multiplayer mode called "Wii Die"where you have to smash opponent's head with wiimote.

Then, there will be "Wii Sit" in which you have to sit on your chair, holding Wiimote in your hand and being still for 2 hours, then you can advance to level 2 in which you have to sti and stay still for 3 hours.

With so many innovative Wii games, I don't think there is any space left for other consoles to innovate.

perseus4738d ago

that you are the most entertaining of the Wii dislikers. Carry on the good work while I get a hernia playing Mario and Sonic.

Prismo_Fillusion4738d ago

At least the tons of Wii "Blank" games are more varied than the loads of generic shooters for the 360!

(you deserved that!)

MK_Red4738d ago

Well, I can't help myself b ut to attack Wii and WiiFit whenever I can ;)
I personally like Wii games. My biggest problem is with WiiFit. Aside from that, I'm already a huge fan of Metroid P3 and Zack & Wiki.

I'm gonna "Wii Kill" the Wii Fit.

LanRanger4738d ago

My only complaint about this title is that it would really be more appropriate as a downloadable game. Nintendo really needs to get the WiiWare channel off the ground.