Over $1800 In Video Cards To Run Crysis On Very High

PC Games Hardware magazine has finally done it. They got Crysis to run smooth on very high with a Triple SLI video card setup. The cards alone cost over $1800. I didn't even know they made power supplies that could output 1200W!

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davez824353d ago

Crysis console port confirmed!

JsonHenry4353d ago

I did not read the article, but I have an 8800gts and I can play the game on very high. It just is a little choppy when the shooting starts. But that is more than likely because of my dual core CPU being outdated.

Winter47th4353d ago

Overall, +2000$ PC is required, as expected.

Rice4353d ago

I have the demo on my laptop, everything on low settings, and if i ever have the money i would spend 1800 dollars for crysis.... But thats if i had money.

JustCallMeDaddy4353d ago

if i had money i would buy an airplane, a mansion and a computer to run crysis on very high. What do you say?

Rice4353d ago

Umm what i have to say about that, is that i would never in my life have that much money but i can always dream about it(thats what School is for)...

Rice4353d ago

Yes the game is very fun, i have the demo though...

Captain Tuttle4353d ago

I've lost alot of faith in reviews in the last 6 months or so. I'd like a less biased opinion, if that's even possible on the internet anymore.

grafik4353d ago

I said bye to PC games quite a while back. I guess this is why! =]
But Crysis sure has damn nice graphics, I will have to agree with that.

TheIneffableBob4353d ago

This is only if you want to run the game at 1920x1200 at the absolute maxed out settings, which will be considered top-of-the-line graphics for around two years. Crysis actually runs quite well on mid-range hardware, such as the 7900GT.

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The story is too old to be commented.