Sony to Build PlayStation 3 Network to Increase Sales

Bloomberg writes:

Sony Corp. Chief Executive Officer Howard Stringer plans to connect the company's flagship PlayStation 3 console with its other electronics as part of its growth strategy next year and beyond.

The world's second-largest consumer electronics maker will hook up the PS3 with its PlayStation Portable console online before extending the links to products such as mobile phones, Stringer said in Tokyo today. The current three-year business plan ends on March 31.

The move revives a strategy by Nobuyuki Idei, who was replaced by Stringer in June 2005 amid investor discontent over his failure to meet business targets. Stringer's plan revolves around a games division that has lost money for seven straight quarters because of costs to develop the PlayStation 3 and as sales trailed Nintendo Co.'s Wii and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360.

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Maddens Raiders4740d ago

Christmas '06? I know it wasn't but it smells old.

Relcom4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Its seems like everything i get is sony for entertainment I've got the sony-erricson walkman phone (awesome by the way), PSP, PS3, and soon a Sony HDTV, so that being said this news is great for me.

Maddens Raiders4740d ago

hands in everything electronic and their products are basically top-tier by default.

lockload4740d ago

How about a simple in game XMB so i dont have to quit games to read messages from friends, its basic stuff but all i want..

mboojigga4740d ago

How is this news? This was stated back when the PS3 was announced and the PSN at the time was shrouded in secrecy. Look what we have today and Stinger is still making promises. Can you please tell them to FUC*ING FOCUS ON THE GAMES

Rice4740d ago

I want in-game xmb, but i can wait. No BIG E