Killer 360 bundle sticks the boot in [X360]

First of all rumours are rumbling around the industry that Nintendo Europe's Wii launch decisions were informed specifically by the PS3's non-appearance – ie they can now afford to push it back a week and make it more expensive in order to drop the price come PS3 launch day (these are just rumours, remember). And now select retailers will soon be stocking what amounts to a top value 360 value pack. This 'Premium Console Bundle' hits stores this very Friday and includes all of the following:

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TOM5851d ago

PS3 Fan
How can you vote lame on a story about a price drop and a game and an extra controler being added? scary that people can be so close minded .More like sad

kewlkat0075851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

I know its childish but if you look him and Kingboy vote lame all the time on xbox 360 news and cool on every single Ps3 article regardless. Both from europe go figure. I think you should have a reponse for why you vote lame on an article. It's getting foolish. nevertheless Fanboys will be fanboys.

eques judicii5851d ago

All these rumors about bundles are great, but I'll be happier if they actually happen. I'm still anticipating that GRAW bundle

TheMART5851d ago

Yup Sony fanboys are scareddddd good to see!