Microsoft to double the amount of 360 titles in Japan

Microsoft Corp's Japan unit aims to double the number of game titles for the Xbox 360 console in Japan to 500 by the end of 2008, a senior official said. New titles may include a sequel to the blockbuster "Blue Dragon," said Takashi Sensui, executive officer and chief of the home and entertainment division of Tokyo-based Microsoft Co.

The Xbox 360 has been struggling in Japan as cumulative sales have totaled about 500,000 units since it was released in December 2005. But Senui said the console can win over hard-core gamers and that reaching one million units in sales is not far.

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skynidas4740d ago

well quality is over quantity so its better to deliver less but better games than a lot but sh1tty games

wageslave4740d ago

Thats funny coming from a guy with a Mario Icon. Perhaps you've missed the dreadful shovel ware being certified by Nintendo?

Or, anotehr way to see this... goto metacritic and look at the scores... you'll find that the Xbox 360 has far and away the best rated library.

It wont be shovelware you can bet, MS wouldnt license the games.

BrianC62344740d ago

Does this mean Microsoft will lose twice as much in Japan as they are now? I don't see how doubling the games will help. Japanese gamers hate Microsoftand won't support them.

IntelligentAj4740d ago

If they wanted to revive their console in Japan then this is a good way to start. They do need to focus on games that appeal to the Japanese market(and not too westernized) otherwise increasing the amount of games won't do much. Great news though.

gamesblow4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Wow, Moe wasted revenue.. when will they learn? It's over for them there... Please, just give it up and focus more on where you're strongest at.

Rick James4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

It's better to have a weak presence than to have no presence when it comes to sales. You have claimed in the past to work at a game store if I'm not mistaken right? You of all people should know about this. People dont buy what they cant see.

Microsoft can't ignore Japan. If anything they are getting the Japanese game developers attention. Plus they have already surpassed the original Xbox's sales in half the time. I prefer to look at the positive, rather than focus on the negative. Something is working. You have to admit the 360 has way better 3rd party support this time around compared to the original Xbox.

BTW Microsoft has a fine presence in the US and EU. IF them focusing efforts on Japan means a more well rounded games library for me, then by all means do the damn thing Microsoft.

Here is some advice for you Gamesblow. Why dont you give up trolling the 360 boards and focus on what your strongest at in the PS3 boards. Which is spreading hate for the 360.

BIoodmask4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

I guess Microsoft should just quit in Japan. Even though it has already been proven that the 360 sells the most games per console sold "even in Japan."

No matter how much hardware they sell Microsoft can still make a nice profit off of software sales. Software sales is where the money is anyways. Hardware is usually sold at a loss until well into a consoles lifecycle.

gamesblow4740d ago

Yeah, sure thing there Terry... PS3 and wii both outsell the xbox 360 in hardware and software all over europe and Japan in total. Give up your mindless bias news sources, please. It's unbecoming. Want legistics? Go to simexchange... theyr'e the real deal, Allen.

Your little N$G news bits and your VGcharts are complete garbage.

Jandre024740d ago

Well they could sell 50 consoles and have a high attach rate, but that doesnt mean much. You would assume to go against the overwhelming Japanese hatred of the Xbox those few buyers would be extreme, anti-Sony gamers.

Theres nothing that the 360 can offer Japan that the PS3 wouldn't come with an answer for.

Maybe they shouldnt give up, but I cant see any way they can turn it around in Japan. Its over there. They better just try and run the PS3 out in America because it seems that Europe is turning pro-Sony as well.

v1c1ous4740d ago

360 outsells both wii+ps3 in software sales in almost all markets except german, italian, and swedish.

Zhuk4740d ago

360 outsells PS3 in nearly all markets in Europe except for a handful of countries, most important of those being Germany. But the UK, where 360 whips PS3 daily, is the most important EU games market with around 40% of total marketshare in Europe just for the one country.

I love how Sony fanboys love to spin the facts, EU is not Sony land by a long shot, the battle is far from over.

XxZxX4740d ago

hhahahaa i think zhuk live in another parallel universe than us, N4G must be parellel universe hub.

season0074740d ago

and let my baby brother buy it...well i just sold one of it and btw he bought 10 games off me..hooray! it gets higher attach rate than what!? xbox360+PS3+Wii...

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Muppetmeat4740d ago

Well, at least they'll now have twice as many unsold games sitting on the shelves in Japan.

Says you4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

In software and hardware in Europe and Japan so what are you talking about?.

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