Sony Considered Ditching Vita Analogue Sticks

Sony toyed with removing the Vita's twin analogue sticks entirely while prototyping the device, the platform holder has revealed.
Speaking in an interview on the PlayStation Blog, Sony designer Tokashi Sogabe revealed that his team discussed various alternative plans for control inputs, including "flat slide pads".

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Jake_the_Dog3174d ago

That would have been a horrible idea.

Colwyn3174d ago

I would have loved if the vita had a 5.5inch screen. I would pay a premium for a 7 inch screen vita.

BiggsnWedge3174d ago

there will probably be a PSV XL down the road if you get my drift

edgeofblade3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

I used to give Sony shit for making games on a handheld that were better suited for a full console. Now they improved the handheld and it looks a lot better to me.

Pikajew3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

IMO Sony should learn the Vita is not a console and its a handheld and make games built for handhelds not consoles. When I buy a handheld I want a handheld experience not a console experience

GraveLord3174d ago

There are plenty of developers out there that can do that. It doesn't have to be up to Sony.

ShabbaRanks3174d ago

then have fun with you 3DS and your Iphone. I want Hardcore games on my handheld. Why not have a Handheld with console like gameplay and graphics? I sure do, Vita day one for me !

Highlife3174d ago

That is fine and dandy for you. If that is your view go and pick yourself up a 3DS. My kids have one and it is fine. I prefer a console experience to go. Wow different sh!t for different people.

WooHooAlex3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Maybe I just have a different opinion on portable systems but I have to strongly disagree with you.

What do you consider to be a "handheld experience"?

When I think of handheld games, I think of games that you can play in 5 minute bursts. That's not something we get (or want) on the 3DS or the Vita.

Just because a game works well on a console, doesn't mean it wont work well on a handheld. You probably haven't played the Vita yet, so how do you know you won't like playing Uncharted or LittleBigPlanet on it?

Pikajew3174d ago

A mean a handheld experience text more instead of voice acting(you cant hear anything a a noisy bus) If it is an adventure game you can save any time and if it is level based the levels will be small or be big and have a quick save feature.

MasterCornholio3174d ago

So you don't want console quality games on the go with subtitles and save anywhere features?

Well I guess games like Golden Abyss isn't for you then.


Misterhbk3174d ago

You can't hear anything on a bus? Get headphones.
You wanna stop at anytime? Good thing the Vita can be turned off at any point in any game and can start back up whenever you want in the exact same spot.

Anything else pikajew?

Titanz3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

And the Wii U's Upad controller will offer that, "handheld console experience."

There's probably a lot of you who play on the go, but I do most of my portable gaming, at home (which is a little, cause I don't handheld game a lot).

I mostly carry my phone on me when I'm out and about. Gaming on the go, is mostly done on my cell phone.

edgeofblade3174d ago

Incredible. Responses have ranged from intelligent analysis to neanderthals saying "Me hardcore! Hardcore SMASH Vita box open day one!"

I think the Vita will STILL be better served by making handheld-able games, but even the religiously hardcore can still be served by its more console-y presentation.

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