Is the Vita worth a purchase?

GameZone poses the question that is on a lot of gamer's minds, and gives you their separate opinions in the GameZone Roundtable

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Pikajew3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

If you like more than few games on it than yes, if you only care for 1 game on it than no. No point on buying any system for one game.

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Riggans423538d ago

I think if you have the money and you're wanting to get into mobile gaming, then the Vita is the must-have choice

nevin13538d ago

In my opinion, I woudn't buy a Vita beacause of these rules/restrictions for me to invest now.

some games need memory cards to boot up
need a memory card to switch users
need to reset settings when it comes to diffrent users
PSN account needs to be activated on a memory card?
memory cards are expensive
3g is a mixed bag
no option to use dpad/button to navigate through the OS

JoeReno3538d ago

People are always saying that the memory cards are tooo much $$$$$
But a quick look at amazon shows the even the scandisk versions of the pro duo are NOT much less than this new memory format, and the Sony versions are just about the same price. People just love to bitch and moan.

nevin13538d ago

you bitch and moan about others bitching and moaning about somthing they think is overprice/expensive.

JoeReno3538d ago

My comment was hardly a bitch and moan fest. Simply pointing out the facts.

forevercloud30003538d ago


Hit it right on the nose. Obviously these people are fairly out of touch with what the normal ESRB retailing prices are on these things. They are ALL expensive but the Vita Memory Cards are priced right alongside the produos. They are not more expensive. I remember I paid 70 for my 8gb for PSP and that was when it was on SALE just a year ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.