Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning: “It’s big. Really, really big”

360 Magazine: Kingdoms Of Amalur is about to give Skyrim and Fable some new competition, we catch up with lead designer, Ian Frazier, to see what’s in store for the new kid…

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MrGunny943441d ago

Did they conrfirmed DLC? or even expansions.. since it's EA behind it... I don't want them to ruin this

Son_Lee3441d ago

Gametrailers said the campaign is over 100 hours. I loved the demo, so consider me good. I can get lost in this game.

Tanir3441d ago

the game is good, just has tons of glitches in the demo, and framerate problems, example, the charge up dagger attack, everytime he dashes and hits an enemy the screen freezes, i can tell its not part of the visual flair because it just looks plain bad compared to the sample animation when you highlight the attack.

also the glitches....oh man, so bad haha, still im gonna get it, just not day one anymore, i was having alot of fun with the demo regardless of the tons of glitches

pr0digyZA3441d ago

On their site they addressed all the concerns. The demo is a couple of months old. people were upset at *sound not going at right time-fixed
*black screen on amd due to post processing-fixed (switch off in demo and game should be fine)
*cant rebound keys-fixed

Son_Lee3441d ago

If you were having a lot of fun with the demo regardless of the tons of glitches, why wouldn't you get it day one? It's fantastic! The glitches don't bother me as long as they aren't game breaking.


on speed run it took the QA 200 hours to beat the game. That means missing all extra content and skiping through story so you can expect at least 300 plus ours easily. For $65 that's roughly $0.22 per hour of enjoyment :)

Heartnet3440d ago

How much you want to bet u can actually fly through the main story in about 20 hours?

jimmins3441d ago

Have played demo. It is good.

Dailynch3441d ago

I'm still conkers deep into Skyrim, but this has a certain charm to it a i really want to check out.

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The story is too old to be commented.