Universal Studios Shuns Blu-Ray

The Blu-Ray has now been dismissed by Universal Studios, Craig Kornblau explains why the HD-DVD will win the next-gen DVD war.

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jiggajayp5859d ago

Great story! When will sony learn?

lalaland5859d ago

Universal Studios has always been exclusive supporter of HD-DVD, so this non-news story hardly comes as a surprise. The list of moviestudios exclusively supporting Blu-Ray is longer, as is the list of hardware manufacturers.

ASSASSYN 36o5859d ago

This is unproven technology burning when it rolls out to early, to expensive, and to weak.
Sony just got kicked in the balls! Again!

RuffRyder5859d ago

Dismissed before its even had a chance to start! thats gotta hurt!

calderra5858d ago

The review mentioned how people who've seen BluRay and HD-DVD playing the same movies agree that HD-DVD is technically superior in most every aspect, so it's not like BluRay wasn't in the equation.

Also, BluRay drives and discs are technically available in some places... so it is on the market (sort of).

PS360PCROCKS5859d ago

Wow...that's a big win for HD-DVD, espescially Universal Studios, their one of the biggest, this looks bad for the Blu-ray and most certainly won't help people want to buy a PS3 or Blu-ray player considering now that a huge chunk of movies are only for HD-DVD, obviously HD-DVD still has a way to go because Blu-ray still has more backers, but this announcement that Universal is only backing HD-DVD will no doubt make other studios consider backing both formats knowing that now if people consider Blu-ray players/movies theirs that drawback of a company like Universal not backing the Blu-Ray which most certainly makes the case for Blu-ray having all the movies a little less true

lalaland5859d ago

if Toshiba publicly shunned Blu-Ray... not very surprising.

Let's se what happens, when by the end of 2007 ten times as many Blu-Ray players will have shipped.

shotty5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

Hey, cant you say the samething about UMD sales, we got a UMD player with every psp (tens of millions) but I dont see UMDs selling well. Want to know why, it's quite logical. Why would anyone buy a movie that would only play in the ps3, same for the UMD. You can argue that a standalone player is available, but thats $1000 which is more than out of the way for the average consumer. As you see sony is putting blu-ray players into the hands of people that mostly don't care for high definition media (blu-ray or hd-dvd). The way microsoft did it with the xbox 360, is the same way they did the xbox with DVD movie playback, it's also the samething that the wii is doing. Only the people interested will pay for the addition playback.

ronin_oni5859d ago

This is what I don't get (maby someone can clue me in). How is blueray able to handle to PS3 High-def games, but it is unable to handle movies in High-def? It just doesn't make sense to me.

lalaland5859d ago

Ofcourse Blu-Ray is capable of the same quality as HD-DVD... In fact the sound-quality of Blu-Ray is better because of the standards supported and the amount of bitrate eventually available on Blu-Ray will make better image quality possible as well. Both standards support the same codecs, except for sound where Blu-Ray is superior.

The problem for now lies in, that only one Blu-Ray player is out there, and they've made a couple of mistakes on that. So now it's not really HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray, but Toshiba 1st gen vs Samsung 1st gen.

In 6 months time, when only players from RCA and Toshiba are available on the HD-DVD side, and players from Samsung, Sony, Philips, Panasonic, etc. are available on the Blu-Ray side, the battlefield will have changed.

ASSASSYN 36o5859d ago

How many bluray games have you played. Sony fanboys would complain don`t knock it till you try well hell don`t praise untill you play it either. All you have seen is rendered vids and pics. Sony is notorious for doctoring images.