Your first look at The Last Story in English

Take a look at the first English screenshots of the hardcore RPG.

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Tenkay233374d ago

Those all look like pre-rendered cutscenes. Still nice to look at though

LoaMcLoa3374d ago

I think you can move around the camera during the cutscenes :O Either way, it looks awesome!

Hope they don't censor the "bathroom"-scene x)

Instigator3374d ago

I hope this game comes with the option of Japanese voice acting like Xenoblade did.

Aria3373d ago

That's what worries me. It seems they not only changed Elza's name but pretty much the names of the entire cast. It would be a complete mess trying to listen to the Japanese while following along with English subs that have completely different names. Unless they plan on including two different subs or something, it might give them a reason not to include the original voices X_x