Rumor: Newcomer Elysium and Veteran Kilik in Soul Calibur V

Pixelitis jumps on the rumor bandwagon and unleashes the last two characters for Soul Calibur 3, Elysium and Kilik. "It seems Soul Calibur V has been stricken by the leak bug again if two images posted on NeoGAF are to be believed."

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Interesting. If that is Kilik then that strengthens my hope for Yun-Seong's return. And I hope that Elysium (if real) doesn't use a short sword and sheild. Maybe a scythe?

Also, still holding out for Mitsurugi's illegitimate child. (I know he has at least one lol). And if true his fighting style should be more relaxed than Mitsurugi's.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2650d ago

Why did they white out "name" and "style" but didn't white out their names?

Inception2650d ago

Elysium is definitely Sophitia. Just look at her hair style and cloths. But i want my Taki! :(

Tanir2650d ago

about taki......Just use Natsu's Move set and make her lol. she is easy to make, and that is sophitia, or atleast has her face and voice in the game, i saw the trailer

and those are the final characters, because One spot is Dampierre's and the other is algols,

so basically we have setsuka back sorta, and 3 mimic characters....thats retarded, why would they do that? now if they have their own take on moves thats fine, but if i wanted a clone i would just create a clone of wtf. eitherway i want this game NOW

falsegod2650d ago

Hopefully I can mimic Zasalamel *hopes*