IGN: PlayStation Vita Remote Play

See the handheld channel the PlayStation 3 and explore the console's content.

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suicidalblues3379d ago

It was voodoo, and there was mass pandalerium. kinda neat, too.

badz1493379d ago

I think he's standing too far away from the access point. I'm using my remote play via internet just fine! and that's over a mere 1Mbps connection! I think I'll post a video for proof.

IGN is looking like they are warming up for the onslaught of negative Vita news from the get go! IGNorant as always!

Akiba963379d ago

MAybe IgN should go turn on the interNets anD then rEmote pley would work. weLl you know wat they say, you cant spell ignarant without IgN hahahhahahahhahahahahhahhhhaha h. man, that comment was quaaaaint.

3379d ago
metsgaming3379d ago

I want to know whats the difference with lag between wireless b,g and N. PSP only had b and vita can do all three. Not entirely sure but doesnt the better type of wireless effect lag? I know it effects distance but i think it also is faster.

Tapioca Cold3378d ago

Remote play will always be terrible over wifi and 3G.

Don't get your hopes up. But then again you have your head up your a$% so you'll think that it will play fine. Ahhh... this generation of tools.

MaxXAttaxX3378d ago

Who said 3G was for... ah never mind.

You should get YOUR head out of your a**. Remote Play was quick with the PSP.
This may be an issue that could be worked out. Or maybe how far he's from the access point.

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