The 7 Stages Of A Skyrim Addiction

Ever since the game Skyrim has been released it has become a mega hit beating out such titles as Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 in some sales figures. Friends and family may have noticed that gamers that play Skyrim seem to be not around as much.

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closnyc2645d ago

my god is this game overrated. Really? 7 stages of addiction? its nothing but a bunch of fetch quests that culminate in an insanely boring conversation with an npc in an empty town. Lets not even forget that interface, and that half assed main story and seriously stupid combat. Ill give you 10 reason and 10 signs of a witcher 2 addiction or dragon age origins addiction, but for skyrim ill give you 7 signs of boredom.

krazykombatant2645d ago

lol that was pretty poor. The game is addicting but the broken quest and glitching as you keep playing gets worst and worst.

I feel there are a few things bethesda could have made better such as having more of an impact in the world. I'll agree though the fetch me this and kill me that guy gets pretty old at times.