Unreal Tournament III Glitches In The System

From Gaming Bits:

"Day one of Unreal Tournament III for the PS3 isn't without a few bumps. One of the more significant bumps is one of the most touted features of UT3 on the PS3: support of mods. Epic Games is aware of a few problems that popped up in the first day of Unreal Tournament III on the PlayStation 3.

So it looks like there is some refining to do. Remember the game was pushed up to make a December 2007 release instead of January 2008. So we inevitably face glitches. The good news is Epic is listening and working on the issues. I did experience the same issues with voice chat. Multiplayer gameplay last night was smooth. This morning it was significantly laggy. We'll keep you posted on any updates or when a patch is coming."

Planet Unreal has posted on the issues.

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THC CELL4742d ago

people always trying to sabotage ps3 sad sad sad

so what

get the game enjoy till the patch comes out

C_SoL4741d ago

what game does not have glitches when released.....

JokesOnYou4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

This news is just reporting facts, its not like there hasn't been news stories of 360 games that released with glitches, the sad TRUTH is it happens even with great games sometimes it has bugs, hopefully they will patch it quickly and ps3 owners can enjoy the full potential of the game without these issues, but that said stop acting like a desperate little kid that thinks ps3 should get a pass from people reporting factual info, whether its negative or not. sonykids are a paranoid bunch=


edit: vvvvv you are so full of sh!t its ridiculous, I'm on my second playthrough on ME and there's no way the game is barely playable because of glitches, it has texture pop-in 2 sec's after loading levels and after cutscenes and it runs smooth, stop the hate sonykid.

edit: I knew you were talking BS, one quick look at your posts and only a few comments back you were hatin' on ME long before it even released,

jujunogo - 25 Aug 2007 21:19

Ignore1.5 - 360 games i want halo 3 and uuugh???
i own a 360 and a ps3 and after microsoft drops halo 3 on us there is nothing left for the 360's future !!what mass effect its problems are starting to pop up fable 2 like 2009 i guess after i get tired halo 3 its time for me to box up the 360 and use the ps3 for 08 till it melts
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this is what I mean about sonykids, you are clearly a sony loyalists I doubt you even played ME, you just need a reason to bash the game for your own insecurities= JOY

edit: vvvv juju damm if you're going to pick one of my comments at least pick one where I make up some BS about ps3 game, and pretend I played it= unlike you I don't lie and make up BS, at least I'm not being a hypocrite, talkin sh!t about a game *beforehand and then STILL later buying it and *pretending to give an honest assestment of that same game, yeah uhm, OK whatever *YOU say. Also nowhere in my post did I say 360 games are perfect, in fact I said both consoles games have had their fair share of bugs but if its minor it can still be a great game, you sonykids are just toooooooo paranoid and make everything, EVEN FACTS an attack on ps3/sony, now thats just sad and pathetic that most of you have to join the sdf just to enjoy your games.

jujunogo4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

WTF why every time a good ps3 game come out everyone has to talk about little glitches and problems??? i have a 360 and a ps3 and I can barely play Mass Effect when the battles heat up because the game is so Choppy And Orange box on 360 has framerate problems also and gears of war even had online flaws people blinking all over the place or losing connection every 5 secs but they wear good games so you heared no complaining..UT3 is a good game but just because its on ps3 its flaws have to be highlighted WTF!!!!!!!!!
JokesOnYou - 17 Hours ago

Ignore6 - nothing new
360 version is better, who's surprised?

Your the fanboy loyalist you A$$ whipe

Listen jokes on yu I hate how every person with a 360 thinks thier games are perfect I like my 360 and I do own MassEffect you must not have played it if you havent had the choppiness effect the gameplay thier are technical glitches with the game and others but dude i dont even have to explain myself to you [email protected] Off!!!!!!!!
JokesOnYou - 11 Dec 2007 02:58

Ignore33.1 - ^^^^^^^^ fcking hilarious
"Clicking disagree will donate 10cents to the poor desperate souls who lay awake at night crying as a result of purchsing a PS3"

hey do you mind if I use that in future comments, lmfao=

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And your not a loyalist yuor a freaking drag queen xbot whos hating on ps3 why are you even on this topic when we all know you dont have a ps3 you rim givin cunt

TheSadTruth4741d ago

you kids are given GOOD NEWS and you have to make it about the 360

I play Halo 3 and Bungie has still not released a patch for some of the bugs, and Epic is announcing they are working on the issues

and what do u spoiled brats do? You start complaining about the 360 and 360 games

get a fu**ing life

socomnick4741d ago

You should be happy cell. The more attention these bugs get the faster they get fixed.

SlappyMcTaint4741d ago

Ha haa! At least we HAVE the game right now. Who knows when you'll get your version. LOL. Pwned.

wageslave4741d ago

What is wrong with you PS3 owners?

Every time news of a PS3 problem, you cry "lazy devs" or "sabbotage" or "conspiracy".

Why on earth would someone put glitches into their own game? Are you actually saying that REPORTING all these problems is sabbotage?

ITS reality! The Game has glitches. Framerate issues. It doesnt support mods (as promised).

Its not made-up or opinion, its reality. Deal with it.

AngryTypingGuy4741d ago

Slappy - I'm pretty sure 360 fans aren't missing or losing sleep over UT3 right now. We're busy playing so many great games that we haven't had time to notice. As far as I'm concerned, let Epic take their time and do it right, even if it takes a long time. I for one am looking more forward to Gears 2.

AdolfBinBush4741d ago


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skynidas4742d ago

well lets just wait till the patch comes out, none of this problems are so bad so lets enjoy this masterpiece that EPIC has give to us

solar4742d ago

i had hella horrible lag last night. i tried to play a close corridor CTF map last night and i was dying before i was seeing ppl. doh.

i did notice the voip didnt work. sad too cuz thats one of the best parts. plus i wanted to yell at my teammates who couldnt blow up the damn core! took them for ever!

360sucks4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

maybe you suck
(reply)shut up 30mb per second
DSL sucks just like you
ignored because you suck

solar4741d ago


ignored by 27 ppl. +1 by me. you obviously dont know how this crazy thing called "the internet" works with online gaming. im not even gonna waste my time on you.

Lionsguard4741d ago

The price we pay for a December release, that's fine though.

360sucks4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

that fool need some real
high speed internet
netzero dont work