The Last Story Limited Edition Details Arise

Nintendo have announced an exclusive limited edition bundle coming for The Last Story , the latest action-packed RPG from legendary Hironobu Sakaguchi (founder of the Final Fantasy series), available exclusively on Wii across Europe from February 24th.

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Optical_Matrix2653d ago

So I went on Zavvi, because it seems to be the only place thus far that actually has the limited edition SKU up for pre-order. Then I say the £90 price tag and almost threw up on my keyboard. I pray to jesus that that's only a placeholder. As nice as the LE is, It's not worth £90. I've seen Limited Editions for half the price yet contain twice the content.

LoaMcLoa2652d ago

A 20-paged artbook and a CD containing 7 tracks of the game is not worth the extra money o,o

It should be 70-75 max.

Redempteur2652d ago

Yep for a game like this , this soundtrack is clearly not enough

CherryLu-Chan2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

I was the same way.

I'm thinking someone there has stuffed up - and that it should be at least the same £57 that the Xenoblade spesh edition was, although, given the content - I reckon more like £37.

After all, a steelbook, artbook and cd with a few tracks on hardly equates to a classic controller.

Play, Gamestation, Game & Amazon have yet to list it, so I remain hopeful.

CherryLu-Chan2652d ago

Zavvi have now altered it to £49.95

FlashXIII2652d ago

Wait what, this is out NEXT MONTH? I didn't even knew it was scheduled for a European release let alone out so soon. Gotta buy myself a Wii finally now, any game with Sakaguchi heading and Uematsu is doing the music is a must buy.

Aria2652d ago

I don't care what the price for this limited edition is. As I don't mind giving a little extra so Sakaguchi and Uematsu can keep making games, I'm getting it!!! Oh, wait, I live in NA... D:

Seriously though, it seems Zavvi is the only place listing the limited edition at that ridiculous price. I'm contemplating still importing the limited edition from Europe because I doubt NA will send that edition our way. I can still pick up the NA game when it comes. If worse comes to worse and the game doesn't come at all, why, I'll just have to perform a little surgery on my Wii.

Aria2652d ago

BTW, I'm extremely glad TLS' limited edition content isn't a controller like Xenoblade's. I have too many controllers as it is and have no use for another one. A mini art book is easier on the eyes than a clunky nintendo controller.