GTR3 Sound sample of the Chevrolet C6.R GT2

The SimBin Studio Insider has officially reported the addition of the Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT2 to the upcoming SimBin title GTR 3. In conjunction with this licensing announcement, SimBin have also given the public a treat through an excellent in-game sound sample of the iconic 470 hp 5.5 liter V8 American sports car that can be found here. One thing that can certainly be concluded from this preview is that GTR3 will more than likely have excellent in-game audio.

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Letros2647d ago

rFactor 2, GTR3, Project CARS, and Assetto Corsa all for 2012 release, a great year for true SIM racing.

Projekt7tuning2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

@ Letros Agree. Good year indeed.
SimBim's PC racing sim are awesome. As someone who races multiple classes in the SCCA, I can tell you their sims are some of the best at recreating the feel of a real race car. As long as you have the right setup, the GTR series is really pretty good. It may not have the kind of fun factor as GT5 or Forza 4, but it's meant to be a more hardcore sim. This is definitely one to get if your into hardcore racing sims. It's also a lot more accessible than iRacing. iRacing is probably the best sim out there, but you have to commit to a subscription based system. That's one nice thing about GTR, you can just fire it up and play.