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ps3dude442653d ago

i love your games bethesda, but until you fix skyrim im not putting it in my ps3.

T9002652d ago

Sorry dont have a PS3, so dont know whats wrong with it. The game runs great on my PC, wonder why the PS3 needs a fix, console hardware is supposed to be more optimized, how could Bethesda not get it right. Maybe its PS3 hardware limitations stopping them.

decrypt2652d ago

Actually yea its the PS3 hardware which is quite weak. It runs very linear games fine, however most open world games tend to chug on the PS3, Sony needs to release a new console.

No reason why Bethesda got it running fine on the PC and the 360, yet the PS3 version is complete fail.

one2thr2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Make me wonder.... Laziness, no?

ziggurcat2652d ago

@ decrypt - there's nothing wrong with the PS3's hardware. most open world games actually run just fine on the PS3. red dead redemption and GTA IV, for example, both run brilliantly - no chugging, no severe loss of performance after 20 or so hours of gameplay, no crashing/rebooting the system every 10 - 15 minutes... they're running on the same hardware.

what we have here is yet another case of a development team that isn't very good at their job.

i've only played a few hours of skyrim. i'd *love* to be able to play more than that, but until they've fixed this nagging performance problem, it's not going to go back into my system. sadly, because it seems that these devs can't code their way out of a paper bag, i probably won't get a chance to play this game at all.

reynod2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )


I would disagree with that, GTA 4 on PS3 runs in sub HD and still barely manages 25fps. It also looks blurry on the PS3. Compare that to the game running on a PC sporting a 8800GTX and you will see the game looks last gen on the PS3. Hence i would agree with decrypt that the PS3s hardware indeed is weak.

My brother is a PS3 fanboy or atleast used to be one. He played the original GTA 4 on PS3, however after he saw the PC version running he played the GTA 4 episodes on the PC just couldnt stand the low 20-25fps the PS3 was managing, mind you his PC wasnt high end at all, in fact it was built during the time PS3 was released.

Lf_sIcKmAn2652d ago

Infamous 2 says "Have a cup of shut the F up!" Best looking open world game I've seen...

terrordactyl2652d ago

To Decrypt...

The PS3 can run openworld games fine. Saints Row the Third, GTA4, Red Dead Redemption etc all have stable framerates and don't lag like Skyrim.

It might be harder to develop games on PS3...but if Bethesda can't do it then they shouldn't release the game. It should have been put back to the Spring or something and worked on more.

bozebo2652d ago

The PS3 should be able to run it fine. Bethesda just keep recycling the same engine that they used since Morrowind though without a proper overhaul of its low level performance.

It probably didn't hurt sales enough to reduce Suits' bonuses, so they won't give a damn.

SephirothX212652d ago

Most open world game play better on 360 or look better on 360 (higher res like RDR and GTA IV). Why is this?

ziggurcat2651d ago

@ reynod - it really isn't about image resolution and really it's, again, not the fault of the PS3 hardware as that was a choice rockstar made when they ported the game over to the PS3.

even if the frame rate was a constant 25 fps, GTA IV still ran smoother than skyrim does after prolonged gameplay. it never dropped down to 5 - 10 fps or crashed every 10 - 15 minutes.

you have to understand the frame rate isn't exactly a result of the hardware that the software runs on - it's the code of the game that the devs have written. if they haven't written the code well enough, then the performance of the game isn't going to be optimal.

1nsaint2651d ago

@ziggurcat lol you defend your ps3 hardware with your life and say bethesta isn't good at what they do. If you haven't noticed; ps3 is the only platform having major issues. Saying they cant code just make you look stupid, this is not a ps3 exclusive where the code is optimized for ps3. Imo its a miracle skyrim is one 1 disc. The install size is only 3.8 gb on xbox and somewhere around 5.6 on pc. There aren't much devs who can pull that off. That the game has bugs is only logical with a game this ridiculously big.

But i hope they fix the lag for you ps3 guys in 1.4 along with the quest and house bugs for all platforms

thorstein2651d ago

Considering the exact same problem came up for Fallout 3 and was patched... no it can't be a hardware problem. It is purely a software problem. Further, there are plenty of games out for the PS3 (GTA for example) that are open world and don't have this lag problem.

kaveti66162651d ago

"Best looking open world game I've seen..."

Play some PC games.

thorstein2650d ago

Yay, I pissed someone off enough for thumbs down after I basically quoted Bethesda. And, if it were a hardware problem, then why has Bethesda been working so hard (and now releasing the list of fixes) to fix the PS3 problem which is listed in the upcoming fixes?

Haters hate. What are you going to do?

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wolfofashes2652d ago

open world games tends to lag on the PS3 because of 3 things:
1-Streaming data is slower in blu-ray compared to dvd
2-It's a well known fact that PS3 has less available VRAM,so less space for caching textures there.
3-PS3's rasterizer is slower.
There are ways to bypass this though like drawing things from the Cell.About hardware is a fact that PS3 is more powerful but it's a chore to develop for it since it goes against long established paradigms when we speak about software engineering.Skyrim lags on PS3 because of the way it's engine handle memory management ,and since it does not use SPU specialized code to draw anything from the Cell the VRAM gets filled faster than in Xbox (because it has less of it available)
On a side note I love how fanboys always bring the excuse that PS3 games are linear just to deny a simple fact...go figure.
On topic now Bethesda should have already fixed rimlag a loooong time ago.TO be honest the article about the guy who programed Skyrim for his calculator was much more interesting than news about a patch that should already be here.

AtomicGerbil2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Point 1 is incorrect. Blu-ray is constant over the entire disc and layers, DVD is not. If you take the average Blu-ray is faster.

wolfofashes2645d ago

Flatbattery you are right indeed,I apologize for my mistake,is that there are always to schedule things and cut steps on streaming from DVD to make the process faster,but so is possible on BD too.

SuperStrokey11232651d ago

I have the ps3 version and its really not that bad. You should totally play it. Its a fantastically fun game.

TheGameFoxJTV2651d ago

If you have the game, they have your $ already. You not playing the game won't hurt them at all. XD

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Calvin_ISA2652d ago


ps3dude442652d ago

best comment all day! i hated seeing that dude with the protest sign, i wanted to punch him.

krazykombatant2652d ago

Good maybe this will fix some of those quest, the game got soo buggy at certain points in the map that I have given up in playing it, I've reached the point where the screen tearing/lag/total freezes/broken quests have led me to just stop playing the game and I just can't seem to get back into it no matter how hard I try and i'm only 30/40 hours in :/

bunfighterii2652d ago

I stopped on skyrim for a whole after hearing how fucked it is, but I recently started again figuring I won't play it for the huge amount of hours needed for it to glitch anyway

Hx3KinG2652d ago

I'm 40 hours in and have come across a glitch which orevents me from progress in the main quest. I really hope bethesda fixes this for me.

bunfighterii2651d ago

ahhh damn.... well the new patch comes out soon

SP3333D-O2652d ago

"I do not think you know what this word means." - The Princess Bride

Well, at 226 hours and counting, the PC version is still highly enjoyable, especially with a few mods.

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