Nintendo Responds to Greenpeace, Greenpeace Not Satisfied

Kotaku writes: "Not so long ago, Nintendo was singled out by Greenpeace's sixth annual Guide to Greener Electronics. Sure, they were amongst friends like Microsoft and Sony on the graph, but Nintendo was the only company to score a whopping 0 out of 100. Greenpeace felt justified giving Nintendo the lowest score in history by pointing out that Nintendo fails to publish their environmental standards".

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name4740d ago

Yeah yeah yeah nice try Nintendo, I'll never forgive you for destroying the earth. You and your murderous wii's can go to hell. For shame.

Muppetmeat4740d ago

So basically Nintendo claims they're doing the mandatory minimum as required by law. Wow... Here's to you Mario, at the VERY LEAST, you're legal. Way to go the extra mile.

name4740d ago

lol Nintendo doesn't have to do anything, green peace is just being overdramatic.

Last_Life4740d ago

Dammit Nintendo, you are evil bastards, law doesn't mean justice, stupid excuses, stop killing the planet, and BTW, stop killing those whales and dolphins, you friggin japaneses.

XxZxX4740d ago

nintendo is about cheap. Cheap definition is I save and screw you. I'm sure those who bought wii will agree.