Portal Comparison Video PS3 vs 360

Side by side comparison of Portal on PS3 vs 360.

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gamesblow4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

Man, to me... the ps3 version clearly looks better. It's got darker blacks and deeper colors. The arm looks better detailed too. What gives here with people saying it looks inferior? PS3 version looks better! It might not run better, but it does look better.

The loads were terrible on the ps3, by the way.

Marceles4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

lol,i would hate to die on the ps3 version just because of the loading. I agree...PS3 version looks better, runs worse. I already picked up the 360 version though, so have fun guys...UT3 is now occupying my PS3.

drewdrakes4706d ago

How can you accurately measure graphics with a pixelated version? These are always stupid, stop comparing graphics and enjoy your games. Not everything is graphics. Its not like you constantly have 2 tv's beside each other checking whats better. Honestly, the more picky you are about this the less you will enjoy the games, as it is all you will notice. Concentrate on having fun.

pharmd4706d ago

just glad to see they didnt try to sham the comparison by using the quicksave function on the ps3..... a little better comparison and i think the ps3 version looks better than expected considering EA hasn't impressed anyone with any next gen game. they're still selling based on their name not on quality cuz their games suck. not that this is "their" game just their ps3 responsibility

TheSadTruth4706d ago

To me the PS3 version looks SO much better. The graphic resolution seems to be much cleaner, and the AA looks far better than it does in the 360 version. The colors also appear more vibrant, deeper, carry more depth and energy and the overall movement of the game is much crisper and clean. The Xbox 360 version looks like it's an original Xbox game. Also the PS3 version sounds better, tastes better, and smells better.

drewdrakes4706d ago

TheSadTruth - no wonder you have 2 bubbles, soon to be 1.

BrotherNick4706d ago

It's not EA studio game at all...they did the porting for the ps3, the publishing and marketing. They didn't code this game, get it right.

barom4706d ago

PS3 does look like it has slightly better colors (if you watch the weapons). However those loading times would be a pain in the ass.

TheSadTruth4706d ago

take away my bubbles but until you have smelled and tasted both versions you have no right to comment

B Man4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

I don't need to play both to know that this statement:

"The Xbox 360 version looks like it's an original Xbox game." a moronic fanboy statement... making the rest of your entire post invalid. If THAT is what xbox 1 games looked like then the PS2 truly does suck ass... but neither are true.

No one wants to listen to what a fanboy has to say... therefor I went ahead and removed another bubble to ease the rest of our minds.

shrimpboat4706d ago

The only issue with both of them is loading screens. The Ps3 version takes longer but they both take to long to load. I don't understand why the PS3 version has loading screens period when it has a hard drive that they can cache files on. Does any one know if portal caches files to the hard drive or does it just load from Blu-Ray? If it loads from Blu-Ray then that would be why the load times are so long, but all the other developers cache files and the load times are very small like what we saw in Oblivion.

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davez824706d ago

Portal is a lot smaller so both have good framerate, but the ps3 loading times are unforgiving. You can tell time was put in optimizing loading for the 360 cause it loads almost as fast as my hard drive on my pc.

skynidas4706d ago

well a version of the game looks a little better but lets not start a war because of this...some games look better on a console other look better on the other console so PEACE BROTHERS

Nytr84706d ago

bubble 2 u.

If you have either ps3 or 360 get it, you wont be disappointed.
But if you have both then I'd say get the 360 version, less breakup of gameplay due to load times and the benefit of achievements. Woo Hoo!