First Screens and Details on Kart Attack for XBLA/PSN

The first details on Kart Attack have been revealed by Blimey Games. Kart Attack is a brand new racing game planned to be released on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Kart Attack will feature some of the most stunning visuals to be seen on the download scene and will rival some of the top racing titles available on any system. The title is planned to feature single-player racing, online racing, and several unique tracks.

Kart Attack is planned to release sometime in 2008.

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gamesblow4738d ago

To this day, and I don't care what anyone says, CRASH TR is the best Kart game ever made. Everyone clamours for mario kart, no way... Those people never played CTR, simple as that.

That game is still amazing to this day and can still be played and enjoyed in the midst of Hd graphics and 60FPs gameplay. I love it! Moving on, however, this game doesn't interest me. It's too bland.

C_SoL4738d ago

best kart game i've ever played.....I think that game is in UK PS store....

americanGTA4738d ago


Dont get me wrong, I still love my ps.

SEMINOLE4738d ago

Will this be available in the US? I love karting and have always wanted a realistic kart racer. This looks pretty good!!

thezuur4737d ago

please, how could this DLC game rival top selling games WHILE being Single player....