Alienware launches its $699 X51 gamer PC for the mass market

VentureBeat attends Dell's Alienware X51 launch event.

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-Mika-2655d ago

Wow that looks great. I wanna buy it. Anyway guys i have a question. The newer graphics cards coming out today are huge so do any of you guys think the newer cards would be able to fit into that.

Letros2654d ago

probably not, even if it could a newer card would likely produce more heat and that could cause problems.

Fishy Fingers2654d ago

No chance you could fit a "standard" GPU in there, let alone the PSU required to power it.

Basically it's a nice looking, but unpractical small form PC. You'd still be better off building your own, or at the very least buy one with standard components so any fututre upgrades wont bite you in the ass, like they would with one of these.

ProjectVulcan2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Building yourself is best, but you can even get much better specced pre built HTPCs here in the uk for the cost of one of these highly overpriced boxes.

For example i have seen a fairly small HTPC you can customise in a case 35 x 28 x 22 centimetres (roughly the volume of a large size shoebox) to an i5 2500, 1TB HDD and a Radeon 6870 for the exact same price as the base model X51!!

Sure it is a little larger than the X51, but it would trounce it silly wise for everything especially games. A quad core and a 6870 versus an i3 dual and a GT545...

Even the top most expensive uber version of this alienware isn't in the same league. If you want to go mad, you can kit the HTPC out with an i5 2700K and a GTX560Ti and it still costs less than 2600 and GT555 in the alienware.

Don't pay well over the odds because it has alienware stamped on it....

ATi_Elite2654d ago

Core i3 and a GT545 upgradeable to a high end GT555.......blah ha ha ha ha! Are you serious. A GT555 is NOT high end.

that's complete crap for that price and the GPU's are worthless.

NEVER BUY alienware. you can build yourself something more BF3/Metro Last Light capable for the same or cheaper price.

LAWSON722654d ago

Sad ppl disagree with this

Brownghost2654d ago

Exactly, only idiots who think they know pc gaming use Alienware, my pc cost $500 and plays BF3

MrGunny942654d ago

I own a M14X.. and i gotta say that it's the best laptop i've ever bought... Sure Alienware is good..but just for LAPTOPS... i won't waste money on a desktop.. i can make a PC running BF3 on ultra with 800$... I'll just getting the pieces from each diferent website cheap, and build it alone...

This desktop DOES NOT WORTH the price trust me, if you don't understand nothing about making a PC just go to a local PC store and ask them to make you a PC... you decide the Graphics, the processor and etc.. and let them build.

kevnb2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

its very small, thats why it costs more. Their high end desktops are actually worth the price, but of course they use the 300-400 intel chips. This is basically looking to replace having a console and a pc, instead just having a pc that can play call of duty and mmos etc... Just to put things in perspective, a tablet costs $500. Myself, I would rather build a rig in the living room and have a gaming laptop to compliment it.

nskrishna22654d ago

I'd still prefer building a rig myself

kevnb2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

its pretty cool, but for these sorts of things ill wait for version 2. Still this is an awesome htpc/light gaming machine. Anyway, I have a pc built doing something similar, its much bigger but it has a 460 and a phenom 2 955 which I build a year and a half ago.

ECM0NEY2654d ago

alienwares are for noobs

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