Why Guru3D probably never will review Ubisoft titles anymore - Anno 2070

Hilbert Hagedoorn: So it's Thursday in the 2nd week of January 2012. I Figure, hmm, it's time for a nice new VGA / graphics performance article on a game title. One of my favorite series is Anno, I still play Anno 1404 which in fact is included in our graphics card benchmark suite.

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TheGameFoxJTV2655d ago

And Ubisoft wonders why the PC community hates anything they release and refuses to buy it. Maybe because you are dirty little crooks.

ATi_Elite2654d ago

Ubisoft's DRM is so easy to bypass that it really doesn't matter what Ubisoft does.

Anno 2070 is a really good game worth the money.

Orpheus2655d ago

Ubisoft aka devPathetic

Snookies122654d ago

Hahaha this is just going wayyyyy too far... Screw Ubisoft and their garbage DRM.

Animals_as_Leaders2654d ago

This article is a bit over a week old. They updated it yesterday stating that ubi had give them more keys.

But if it took more than a week...and only because they were reviewers, and also only because they are the largest hardware site...imagine what the chances are for your average consumer to get their keys restored.

Ubisoft blows, but sadly PC gamers keep buying their games.

Kur02654d ago

It wasn't Ubi, it was the actual developer of the game that unlocked their key.

Jdoki2654d ago

I get the feeling the devs hate having this DRM crap packed in by Ubisoft.

I don't understand why Ubisoft would alienate their paying customers in such a way. As broadband speeds increase the temptation to rip their games is only going to increase. The only people getting a nice experience are those who bypass the restrictive DRM.

Problem is, it's not Ubisoft who would suffer from the piracy - they've got plenty of studios making them money. It's Bluebyte who would suffer. Anno is a great IP, but it never sells by the bucket load; if sales really fell off then I have no doubt Ubi would stop publishing their stuff, and if Bluebyte don't make money they'll go under.

I actually don't mind a limited number of activations, if the process for resetting them is easy and quick. I hate having to be always on the internet to play single player games, that really sucks.

SanjiHimura2654d ago

Agreed. I have a saying that Ignorance can be fixed, but Stupid is forever.

What gives Ubisoft the right to inspect the hardware of my computer when the application launches as if it is some sort of crime to improve your hardware?

The major problem here is that Ubisoft, starting with Assassin's Creed II, has started to think that the PC is a console when it is not.

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