Studying sexism with Skyrim -- Fus Ro Va! Gina!

Sophie Prell writes "My name is Merillia Feldreth. I am a Dunmer, a Dark Elf. In the land of Skyrim, my kind is not particularly welcome. The Nords have their customs and ways which I admit I do not favor in my heart, but I respect in my actions. The favor is not returned, but I do not expect it to be. However, it dawns on me that perhaps there is another problem with Skyrim's inhabitants. Or more accurately, there is a problem they perceive to be within me:

My sex.

There are a great many things I have seen in my travels through Skyrim. I have seen ancient secrets and dead gods uncovered. I have explored decrepit ruins and labyrinthine caves. I have even witnessed the bringer of death, Alduin, in the flesh. It was, in a word, terrifying. But there is one thing I have yet to see, other than perhaps in myself: a strong female leader."

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Taibo3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Oh..I never knew..or cared much.
Well written though.

Pushagree3570d ago

The clothing in that pic can only be obtained though hacking.

Trainz3570d ago

The mere mention of vagina will sky-rocket this topic to 1000 degrees.
Just wait lads.

Muffins12233570d ago

Im guessing your that pedo in that pic of yours chasing that girl?

Pushagree3570d ago

Why did you respond to that as if YOU were the OP?

bozebo3570d ago

"studying sexism with" a game...

try something from real life?

Vladplaya3570d ago

I don't really think about sexism when playing games, but I sure noticed that this article is much much longer compared to similar articles written by male writers...

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