Syndicate (2012) Preview [Game Revolution]

Syndicate, while making sure to leave the classic in the past, still brings some of its elements into the modern era, offering a narrative-driven single-player campaign as well as a very in-depth cooperative mode. If fans of the classic are still worried and hope that Syndicate remains the same despite the change in genre, I can’t help but quote executive producer Jeff Gamon from my interview with him: "It’s not an RTS and it’s not going to be. Unless they can embrace the fact that it is still Syndicate, but from a different viewpoint, then they are not going to enjoy this. Many of them absolutely will."

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cervantes2402468d ago

Sounds like a great game, very optimistic for this one.

doctorstrange2468d ago

I'm still on the fence, I hope it's good, but I worry it'll suck

Oaklnd2468d ago

Ill have to check this one out