Zack Zero Review [Capsule Computers]

The latest PSN exclusive gets an in depth review from Capsule Computers.

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ilovemyps32652d ago

i own the game, and don't agree with a single thing, this guy said, in his review.

sounds are great, as are the music, like epic gladiator/lotr symphonic parts. also, the effects are great and funny.

the guy says graphics are like cartoon. 300% wrong: this games sports the most incredible graphics i could see, these last years. graphics are as good as god of war 3 ones, i repeat.
you won't believe your eyes when you see this game.

gameplay is almost perfect, sometimes you can move to other layers, like in little big planet, if you see what i mean. i never had any problem to know where i am, if i can grab something or not, etc

there are enough different enemies in the game. i can remember games like trine, where you were fighting the same skeletons from A to Z.

this game is simply incredible, and it's only a 700mb game.
graphics are marvelous, i stopped countless times, only to watch those incredible textures and graphics, 0 aliasing. 0 tearing, really, perfect.

there are particle effects like dust, wind, water, i wish many boxed games could do them so well. and you have to see those powers, based on earth, ice, fire. it's a color fest, at the screen, with overall lighing changing and adapting to the effects(fire, etc). once again, you won't believe your eyes.

saying it's the first attempt to make the game, bla bla bla, that's why the game, bla bla bla...

really, if you could do us a favor : go back to modern warfare 3, play 1500 hours non-stop, and come back and review Zack zero 2, in 2013. thanks.

really, guys, don't believe those 6-7/10 reviews. this game is a monument, i didn't sleep the first night, because i had all those lights and effects printed in my eyes.

i hope people will be smart enough, and will buy this 9/10 game. don't skip it, wait till it's half the price/psn+ reduction, but don't skip it.