DLC or Not to DLC, Money is the Question

Happy 2012 to you good looking readers. I hope Christmas was full of the gaming goodness you hoped for. As we enter January the working folks of the world will always tighten their belts when it comes to spending money. The cost of Christmas is just too much to bare thinking of. You can already here your finance manager (AKA, Wife, Husband, Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Mum) “Don’t even mention spending another penny before Valentines Day” (I don’t know, Something about shooting someone in the knee with an arrow whilst wearing wings???)

The odds are you didn’t listen.

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Kurisu2652d ago

So you go dark and expect us to read :p

Trainz2652d ago

Ah logic at it's finest.

scrambles2652d ago

lol so true but i still miss when dlc was free cuz spending 60$ on a game was more than enough to support the devs and dlc was also a way of keeping fans around.

fooxy2652d ago

Here is how to combat this shit,
1)buy game 2nd handed
2)wait for price drop so u wont have to pay $60
3) or buy so called GOTY with all dlc


4) Stop supporting micro garbage transactions, costumes themes gamerpics, avatar props etc ..

knifefight2651d ago

I completely agree.
This is easier said than done, sadly, as people like us are up against the strongest force in the world: the human ego.