Here’s What To Do If Your Xbox Live Account Is Hacked and What You Can Expect

Trendy Gamers: These days, getting your Xbox Live account hacked is becoming more and more likely. It has happened to many people (myself included). So, here is what you need to do when your Xbox Live account is hacked and what you can expect.

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GamePodunk2555d ago

It's too bad that this had to happen, but I hear MS's customer service has been a little difficult to deal with for some people (including some of my friends), so it makes working through this even more difficult. But these are good steps to help people who have been affected; hopefully this will all be resolved soon.

TrendyGamers2555d ago

I talked to two different guys, the first one was terrible and didn't know what he was doing but the second was very helpful.

Basically, the step about the UA is the best way to avoid stupid, useless conversations.

lodossrage2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I won't judge MS's customer service. But honestly, with the mixed stories about that, their customer service doesn't seem to be better or worse than anyone else.

Sometimes you get on the phone and you get an agent that is absolutely wasting your time, doesn't know what they're talking about, and isn't helpful in the least. Other times you get someone that actually knows a little bit and is actually helpful.

TrendyGamers2555d ago

True, all you can do is hope that you get a competent person on the phone.

Dovahkiin2555d ago

They're awful, really awful. I own an Xbox and i can honestly say (from experience) Sony's customer service is much, much better.

wicked2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I thought sony was peefect so why did you need to contact their customer service!

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Dlacy13g2555d ago

what I find funny about this article is their final recommendation...

"Lastly, once you regain control your account, change your password! It gives you a better chance of not being hacked again."

How about change your password and remove any credit card from your account, and don't link to Paypal. Having a card on file or Pay Pal link is the biggest issue if you ask me. Just use point card codes and subscription codes.

TrendyGamers2555d ago

Step 5: "Once the process begins, tell them to first, remove your credit card from the account entirely. This way all your credit card info is taken away from the account and cannot be stolen anymore."

Obviously getting your credit card out of there is most important. Changing your password just helps against future hacks.

Dlacy13g2555d ago

@TrendyGamers... Hey my apology...somehow I didn't read that. I thought I read it all thoroughly but my bad.

bubbles to you for setting me straight.

kreate2555d ago

Im really really close in signing up for that 2 dollar deal for gold membership. But they require me to put up my credit card info.

Now if i do sign up, and give my credit card info to microsoft with the knowledge that xbox live is not secure, im just being stupid right?

Dlacy13g2555d ago

After you sign up you can remove your credit card info. Just dont leave your credit card on file.

Hicken2554d ago

The question is whether or not they'll actually take it off file. I've heard from a lot of people over this past year that old credit cards that they'd asked to be taken off file were STILL in Microsoft's system.

ssb31732555d ago

I really hate when this happens

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