"Things That Go PON In The Night" - Brief Patapon Preview on Playstation.Blog

On the latest Playstation.Blog, Associate Producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda gives a brief description of the upcoming PSP game, as well as some more screenshots.

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MK_Red4740d ago

I really really REALLY want to try this game. The style looks incredibly awesome and hopefully the gameplay is as well. Nice screens.

Skerj4740d ago

Hah did more research eh? Yeah this game is probably going to be my favorite PSP game and that's saying a lot with what's on the system. The style is AWESOME, and the gameplay is something that I personally haven't seen done yet.

bootsielon4740d ago

Loco Rocco, PataPon, Echochromes, Crush... what's next, Little Big Planet in 2D for PSP, along with a 2D version of Home and PSN? That would be absolutely awesome!

Darkiewonder4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

that makes this game really fun to not only play but it blends in different genre to create a new experience.

Definitely will pick this game up when it's released next year. Seeing as it will be an SCEA Published game, the price will be around
$29.99? Yeah, I hope so.