Has the Xbox 360 been hacked?

There are rumours swirling around the internet that the Xbox 360 is having serious security issues. But is there any truth to these rumours?

It seems there might be.

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xhedleyx3476d ago

I really hope my account doesn't get comprimised... that would suck.

Winkle923476d ago

Agreed. Though, as long as you are careful with your passwords, there shouldn't be a problem.

Nitrowolf23476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Kind of a misleading title

Reports from October 2011 of accounts getting hacked
The author friend has their account hacked

Conclusion, Xbox Live is hacked :/

Pretty much going off by what some are saying. IDK, I always thought this kind of activity was normal even with PSN and any other service.

It depends though how it's taken. I mean if Sony didn't take down PSN and kept it running and all, then us PSN users might be the ones filling PS forums with our accounts have been hacked and such.

SO who knows.

Stevo913476d ago

Seriously accounts aren't randomly getting hacked, theses accounts are being hacked because of phising scam websites where people believe they are the real deal and type there email and password in thinking its real and then get hacked.

90% of these incidents are because of fifa ultimate team people thinking they are gonna get free coins and players (retards) or think they are logging into the real ultimate team app.

If you look on certain trading websites they sell them with msp on so u can buy packs of cards.

Rant over :)

da_2pacalypse3476d ago

this happened to me. I lost my gamertag for a week or so, but I don't mind because Microsoft gave me a 2 months of live for free. They're rate of service was pretty good and i got all my points + more back. This problem isn't as bad as people are making it out to be. It was my fault that I didn't properly make a good password, it was just a phishing scam, I'll be more careful now :)

LORD-PHOENIX3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

the american media kept it quiet, millions was stolen from UK 360 live accounts...if you want more information google it, its all there despite the american medias attempt at a cover up,after the way they went after sony i guess they didnt want to be left with egg on their faces

it even made the best selling UKs paper 'sun' front page and was on all the UKs news channels about how worried gamers were

i even tried submitting the story yet n4g wouldnt submit it...



Here it is...

Although I wouldn't assume a cover-up was going on (since I have nothing to back that up) I definetely see this news were well ignored on US.

TheXgamerLive3476d ago

Hacked? NO.
Xbox LIVE has NOT been hacked. SONY and PSN now that was hacked.
Some people who are loose with their password with rhe implamentation of the cloud service can have their games memory/saves used but never hacked.

I know there's some silly fanboys who are still butt hurt over there ps3 being un playable for well over a month, but move on, it is what it is.

LORD-PHOENIX3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

if that was sony it would have been blown outta proportion and on n4g front page for weeks, you dont find it odd that millions were stolen from live gamers yet none of the american media reported it and n4g wouldnt publish my submission?

thanks for the link mate

Brosy3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

XBL has not been hacked. The people getting their account stolen are victims of a phishing scam. There is a huge difference. This article am fail.

MS isn't your username/password babysitter. They should do what they can to remedy what they can, but they aren't responsible for a persons ignorance.

Since PSN was hacked,it seems the internet will not be happy until XBL is actually hacked. Give it a rest already haters.

MODERATERS do your job, this story is crawling with sony fanboys foaming at the mouth. Fair is fair.

BlackBusterCritic3476d ago

Even the Head of Policy Enforcement on XBL GOT HIS ACCOUNT HACKED. And that was last April. This shits been going on for quite a while now.

SilentNegotiator3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

But a lot of issues are happening with That's just as bad as accounts being hacked via Xbox LIVE, because all of the important data can be accessed through there.

And getting things fixed quickly (eh, well...8 days) takes large public media attention.

@Stevo and brosy
Oh, so Pachter fell for a phishing website? I don't think so.
The head of Xbox Security?
....yes, the head of Xbox Security fell for a phishing website! Of course! /s

CarlitoBrigante3476d ago

It took the media this long to write about the Live hack, Jeeze, whenever a mosquite shows up in the PSN server room the media are all over it.

Mustang300C20123476d ago

Wow some of you have no clue what the hell hacked means. Xbox Live was NOT hacked and hasn't been hacked. EMAILS that are associated to the gamertags have been hacked. The service itself was not hacked. Big difference with what happened to PSN.

darthv723476d ago

is this a new thing or just the same phishing issue being recirculated from site to site? I know that phishing scams happen on the web and for those that got caught up in it over 360 related stuff isnt the exact same as the 360 being hacked.

When I see a title like that I am thinking the network being hacked like psn. So far that doesnt seem to be the case and this is just a spreading the word like the next guy but all these stories need to give credit to where its due. To the original story they read before they wrote up a new blog about it.

If this IS something new than I stand corrected but even with all the flak about PSN you knew what it was about and sony was dealing with it. How can MS deal with something the individual got caught up in? Its the equal of clicking on a popup to get rid of it and now your pc is infected.

Not MS fault there but the individual who got scammed.

JhawkFootball063476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Xbox Live was not hacked. The way people get their accounts hacked is

1) Phishing scams
2) Password Recovery Flaw

To sign up to xbox live you need to associate your windows live id (usually your email address) with your gamertag. When you sign up you fill out a answer to a question (we have all seen this) for when you forget your password you can answer that question to reset it. Some questions people pick are so easy as "What city was your mother born in?". Well you can get the location of the person by IP lookup and you have a city, if its not that city they try the surrounding cities. Not that hard as people think.

gamingdroid3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )


Judging even just from the comments above, you can clearly see how much mis-information is going on and being perpetuated (either intentionally or not) further.

For instance @SilenceNegotiator claims Stepto's account was hacked, but it was the domain registrar that fell for a social engineering scheme:

"The Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE, Stephen Toulouse, had his Xbox LIVE account hijacked yesterday. The attacker purportedly used social engineering to convince Network Solutions to transfer DNS control of Toulouse's domain name, allowing the attacker to receive any email sent to that domain. The attacker most likely used this to reset Toulouse's Xbox LIVE password and gain unauthorised access to his account, where he goes by the gamertag of Stepto."

Does he post that? Nope! He went ahead and assumed it was security issue with Xbox Live and relay mis-information!

However, it illustrates how you can loose your Xbox Live account multiple ways. If the hacker gets access to your email, game over!

It could be a myriad of things the user does that exposes their account etiher at Xbox Live or their email....

da_2pacalypse3476d ago

wait... why am i getting disagrees for posting my experience? jeez this website is filled with PS3 trolls who do nothing but sit around and discuss what little other platforms have...

NoobSessions3475d ago

Phishing =/= XBL has been hacked
Phishing = people are stupid and give out their information.

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disturbing_flame3476d ago

If xbox 360 has been hacked, i don't understand why microsoft doesn't cut the xbox live for the moment as Sony did with PS3 and their PSN.

Microsoft said since weeks that the Xbox live has not been hacked. So it would be regretfull for them if it's actually the case. Not because it has been hacked but more because they don't do anything to prevent more people from being hacked.

This story seems really weird for me now. The communication around some of those facts are really obscure, and no one seems to be able to say what is really happening. Really strange.

Anyway people have to wait until Microsoft talk about all this story and explain what is really happening.

metsgaming3476d ago

dont think there is any need to shut down live because its a different situation than psn had. PSN was being hacked so they shut it down so they can patch it back up so they cant get it. It seems this is an exploit of their website login from what it seems. Just enter password a million times and your bound to get the right one. Usually you should be stopped after a certain number of fails but then it can be reset which seems to be the problem.

PopRocks3593476d ago

Part of it is that Microsoft doesn't want widespread panic like there was for the PSN attack.

Incidentally from all of the stories I've heard, this attack has become much worse than the PSN attack but with far less news coverage or public scrutiny of the service company.

arnyftw3475d ago

It hasent been hacked, its just a exploit with their website log in and if you have a weak password or have shared your email id then you have a higher of getting hacked. This has nothing to do with psn and the amount of users experiencing this is small. This is over hyped, although it is serious, all they need to do is change some code for the xbox website, which im not sure why they havent done this already.

TBM3476d ago

pretty much doesnt affect me since i cancelled my live account 2-3yrs ago and wiped my credit info off the system.

TBM3475d ago

always makes me laugh when people get so sensitive because they worship plastic and wires lol.

ps3dude443476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

wow, that sucks. my friends account just got hacked today. sucks for him

GraveLord3476d ago

Yah "your friend".

I kinda find it hard to believe since your username is ps3dude44.

Snookies123476d ago

GraveLord - Just because his name is ps3dude, does that mean he can't have friends with an Xbox, or even own one himself?

Muffins12233476d ago

most of this "hacked xbox" bullshit is just from a person guessing the person password by finding out the users email and username and searching for them to find other accounts with same email to help[ find password which Microsoft is fuckin stupid to allow person to guess the password unlimited times.....

mynd3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

They have now changed the unlimited log in attempts. Its about all they can do really.

StraightPath3476d ago

Hacked? because of your friend probably gave detail to someone thinking the would get COD prestige back in return, Mostly how people get stolen accounts on XBL

TheOneYouHate3476d ago

I don't Play call of duty, nor do I play online, I'm more into RPG's. The only time I "play online" is when my friends come over and want to use my 360. I am also not the type to fall for "Phishing" scams. I'm 30 years old so I'm not that dumb lol

Nes_Daze3474d ago

maybe because most people playing COD on xbox360 are kids who don't know much.

BreakNeckSpeed3476d ago

Watch as all the ps3 kiddies jump on this with a grain of salt :L
It's just a blog site spreading misinformation. If Xbox live was hacked like psn we would know it. A few dispersed incidents do to with phishing scams doesn't mean a service is "hacked".

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sGIBMBR3476d ago

I like the way you use the term "You Bots" it sounds like you belong to a cult or something and Xbox owners are your sworn enemy!


It seems like most of the users on this site remain hopeful that the rumors are true! Are people really that sad?!

I think you have to be quite a flawed human being to have nothing else better to do other than pray for the opposite system of your choice to get hacked!

undisputed3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Who the hell is jumping around? Hacking is bad -doesn't matter who it happens to. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.

Goozex3476d ago

I would check daily and this IS severe! Ms are masterminds through the media and can twist and alter to their advantage. I'm not getting on till this clears up also thinking about withdrawing my live memborship permenently. Just not worth it.

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MasterCornholio3476d ago ShowReplies(1)
Krew_923476d ago

If this is true, why do people have to ruin everyone's fun by pulling stunts like these?

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Fel083476d ago

Oh no, u have got to be kidding me.