New Tekken 6 Video: Kuma Vs Kazuya

A high quality video of Tekken 6 has been released. It showcases a bout between Kuma and Kazuya.

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Darkiewonder4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

and the Panda in a little match.

Gosh. Let me go play T5:DR on the ps3 for the time being.

lynx1halo4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

I still love the fact that all of you hardcore Tekken, guys dont see anything wrong with fighting against a lame as$ teddy bear...or a fat guy named bob lol ..its pathetic.......theyve run out of ideas.....just look at all of the great characters from Killer Instinct

@ below......Azures.. and.....Darkiewonder

You guys cant be serious in defending the lame characters in Tekken??
If they graphically updated the Killer Instinct characters for a Next Gen game it would absolutely TRUMP all of their characters........hell even the Clayfighter characters had more originality ....dont be confused this is not hate for Tekken..simply the TRUTH

Azures4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Killer Instinct thats no longer around btw.


KI was enjoyed by some but was obviously not successful enough to continue.

Soul Calibur owns Tekken, KI, and VF anyways so who cares.

Darkiewonder4739d ago

Had a girl with breasts
A Ninja
A plasma type character
A boxer
A skeleton
a werewolf type character
A gargoyle.

wait what was I saying? Oh yeah, different games have different characters. that's what distinguish it from one another.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4739d ago

lmao I remember this site talking about how stupid the Tekken character design's are. http://www.thebestpageinthe...

lol man with cat head.

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bigmack4739d ago

but i still think VF5 for the PS3 looks better.

mighty_douche4739d ago

Still Kazuya's charactor model looked good. want HD

Mark 14739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Rise of the robots on the 3DO looks better than this garbage.

hotshot1274739d ago

sometimes i wonder.

i think that unless microsoft has already gotton this one as a multiplat, sony paid for exclusitivity.

i dont think sony is gonna let anymore games go. and tekken would be a very good game to have in the ps3's line up

lodossrage4739d ago

So I doubt they would have to pay for this one to be exclusive

BloodySinner4739d ago

Just like DMC4 used Sony's "tech" and was still brought to the Xbox 360?

SnakeCL4739d ago

The arcade board is essentially a PS3. Its not like DMC at all, which doesn't have an arcade version.

sonarus4739d ago

how did dmc4 use sony tech. The arcade version runs using the cell processor. It was the first announced use of the cell processor outside the ps3. I doubt it will get ported cus sony wouldnt have allowed them to use the cell processor in their arcade version if it was gonna be a multi plat release

Kleptic4739d ago

yeah what are you talking about BloodySinner?...this is nothing like DMC as far as the decision multiplatform decisions...

Sony helped with the arcade hardware...probably part of that deal was console exclusitivity and optimization for the PS3...there is no DMC arcade game, so your comment made absolutely zero sense...

but I agree with some of you...not really that exited...Soul Edge/Caliber has always been king of fighting games imo, despite coming out after Tekken 1...last Tekken game I owned was Tekken 3, although Tag Tournament was awesome also...

however to the 360 owners flipping out about VF...Tekken is still better than VF imo, and T5:DR was suprisingly good online...its just that Tekken is not the best fighting franchise around anymore...

lodossrage4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Devil May Cry 4 wasn't made with sony's cell technology. Tekken 6 IS.

Sigh, typical xbot, misinformed

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HarryEtTubMan4739d ago

This will look so good in HD. I cant wait to play this online.

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