Gamespot:UFC Undisputed 3 – Being the next great fighter

GS:Respected journalist Malcom Gladwell came up with a very interesting concept entitled “The 10,000 Hour Rule” that stated in order to be really good at something, you have to invest at least 10,000 hours into it. Those people who have reached that goal can lay claim as the best at their respected professions. The best athletes manage to hit this mark early in their lives but others aren’t that lucky. Thankfully, in THQ’s upcoming UFC Undisputed 3, creating a virtual fighter and becoming the best won’t take you 10,000 hours.

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NYC_Gamer2652d ago

hope they really worked on the garbage ground game/boring career mode

LOGICWINS2652d ago

I have faith. I skipped the first two because I thought that they didn't have enough content and the submission game was horrid...but this one looks great. The submission game actually looks fun in this one. And apparently career mode will feature real life UFC footage. Def picking this one up when it hits $40.

BX812652d ago

Mos def getting this game. I hope they do something about the lame ass lag online. One of the top laggy online experiences out there.

Drekken2652d ago

Oh if Mos Def is buying it, I will too!

BX812652d ago

He goes hard on the soundtrack!

FlashXIII2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

This article has the worst first paragraph I've ever read in a sports game article... Emphasising how long it takes to get good at something then comparing it to a computer game saying about how you don't need to go to that length in a game.. really? State the obvious more.