New Street Fighter X Tekken gameplay

Capcom released a second new gameplay trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken.

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NellyNel_7_1_32464d ago


jc485732464d ago

Marshall Law and! must buy

Simon_Brezhnev2464d ago

Well the Con Artists are kings at trailers. Their not fooling me anymore. lol

Redempteur2464d ago

Yeah they might fool you to buy a cross over fighting game full of crazy combos !!!

wait ....

Simon_Brezhnev2463d ago

Your probably one of them people who bought SF4, SSF4, SSF4AE, MvC3, and UMvC3.

The combos look ok i saw better. The combos in MvC3 look a lot better since you want to talk about a cross fighting game.

Redempteur2463d ago

i bought SF4, SSF4 at half price the regular for a full expanded game and SSF4AE.

And you know why ? because i played the games at a level enough to want the changes made.

You people are quick to forget that SSF4 AE happenned BECAUSE the fighting community was ok for it... This wasn't just some weak dlc ...that was continued develloppement.