Four-player co-op Demo for Syndicate announced

EA announced this afternoon that a four-player co-op demo for Syndicate will be released at the end of January.

The co-op missions tell the story of a new Syndicate on the rise, Wulf Western. As agents of Wulf Western, gamers must dominate their rivals – Cayman Global, Aspari and Eurocorp – by acquiring their technology and headhunting their senior executives.

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Nate-Dog2653d ago

Awesome, I'm looking forward to trying it out, love me some good co-op games and this looks pretty decent.

hiredhelp2653d ago

yeh me too waiting couple decent good co-op this year for my PC.
alien marines for 1 sorry cant speel collanary marines lol.

hiredhelp2653d ago

Spell" my bad, but is it the end of the world.
btw quake 3 arena was better.

Septic2653d ago

Lol its a typo I know...just being a pedantic little scrote hehe.

Quake 3= Quake 3 arena. Same thing.

gillri2653d ago

coop is always awesome

Gears Of War 3 has the best coop ive ever played

Anon19742653d ago

I never really got into the multiplayer in either of the past two Gears of War games - but it's co-op was some of the best co-op I've ever been lucky enough to play. Borderlands will also go down as one of my favourite, all time co-op games. I remember fondly Bullfrog's original Syndicate game. I'm quite looking forward to this one.

FlashBack2653d ago

I expect a mediocre game, like Brink that people will call "disapointing" even though they should have never hyped it in the first place.